Report: Bray Wyatt Potentially Injured at WWE House Show

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIOctober 13, 2013

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There have been reports that Bray Wyatt has suffered a severe leg injury at a recent WWE house show in Providence, R.I.

The future for Wyatt was looking very bright just a few months ago, but he’s yet to etch his own groove on WWE television, and now may be out of action for some time.'s Marc Middleton reported:

Bray Wyatt appeared to have injured himself at Saturday night's WWE live event in Providence, Rhode Island. Bray chased Darren Young outside of the ring but went down hard, leading to a quick match finish and the dreaded "X" symbol by the referee. The Wyatt Family ended up defeating Young, Titus O'Neil and R-Truth.

In an update, several fans in attendance have noted that Wyatt appeared to legitimately hurt his left leg. He may have ran into the barricade or tripped over part of the railing. Another fan noted he injured himself jumping off the apron and fell into part of the railing.

Anthony Pires of PW Insider also reported on the injury here.

It’s hard to say how severe the injury could be. On paper it may not sound too serious; Bray running into a barricade sounds more like a soft tissue injury rather than a more severe one.

However, when you consider Triple H tore his quadriceps off his leg simply by falling the wrong way, it becomes almost impossible to diagnose an injury based off a report such as this.

Most damning is the referee’s “X” symbol, which usually means the wrestler in question is unable to continue the match.

It would be a tough break for Windham Rotunda, who was formerly known as Husky Harris. He had his in-ring debut as Bray Wyatt back at SummerSlam, and despite the promise shown in vignettes, he hasn’t made too much of an impact.

Taking time off from TV could mean very bad things for the future of the Wyatt Family, with Bray being its centerpiece.

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