The Passion in Wrestling Lives in Your Hometown

Phoenix RocketContributor IMay 21, 2009

It is easy to turn on your television on what seems to be any given night of the week and see professional wrestling. There is, however, a problem with this.

The problem is that it creates a persona of what professional wrestling should be and what all wrestling should be like. There are however a few problems with this.

In what seems like every town or somewhere close you can find professional wrestling close to you. But because it isn't the WWE or TNA people tend to not watch it I know because I was one of those people. I personally went to one independent show and wrote it off very quickly because I didn't know any of the wrestlers or the story lines.

This seems to be a problem on a larger levels and small promotions struggle at times to get people in the door. Sometimes the biggest crowds are when promoters will book a big name wrestler who have already established prominence at a national level.

The truth is that these guys and girls as the case may be work harder than anyone to put wrestling out there for the general public. Indy wrestlers more often than not have more passion for the business than wrestlers that work for the big two.

Yes, it is true that WWE guys travel a lot and that they wrestle over 300 days out of the year in most cases but for an indy wrestler the sacrifice is more.

I have had the opportunity to begin training and work with a local independent promotion and have learned many things. The first thing that I learned is that wrestling is their life on top of their life.

What I mean is most of these guys have a regular 9-5 job and in what free time they have....they are wrestling. Every weekend and even through the week. They also spend countless hours postering all around the town to get their product out there.

I emplore you to go and check out an indy show with an open mind because the people putting together these shows I promise you have just as much and in some cases more passion for wrestling than on TV.

Plus you actually get wrestling not a whole lot of mic time and most promotions are family friendly so chances are it can be a family outing.

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