Detroit Red Wings: Vanna, I'd Like to Buy a Call

Delete AccountCorrespondent IApril 16, 2008

Because complaining about the officiating worked for Barry Trotz, I think I'll give it a try.

After game three, I didn't have too much to complain about. Besides Pavel Datsyuk getting cross-checked into the boards by Hamhuis in the first period, the calls were fairly even and Detroit just got out-played

Game four was a different story, though. It was missed call after missed call after missed call. 

Holmstrom got called for cross checking, which was legitimate, but then got cross checked a period later and the Predators received no penalty.

Datsyuk was constantly getting hooked and held by Nashville in the third period, but once again, the referee made no call.

At one point in the second period, Jordin Tootoo purposely stepped on Kris Draper's back, but as usual, no call was made.

Overall, the Predators got away with foul after foul, and it all came because of Barry Trotz's whining after games one and two. 

I'm not saying the Red Wings lost because of the officiating, because they had plenty of chances they could have capitalized on. I am saying, though, that the officiating was obviously one-sided, which definitely helped Nashville.

It really makes me sick that the on-ice officials make calls based on what coaches have said about prior games. Games should be called based on what the players are doing on the ice at that instant. A cross check should be a cross check, whenever and wherever it happens. Barry Trotz and his team do not deserve any gifts because of their thoughts about the first two games. 

I'm not asking the referees to call the game in favor of my team, either. I'm just asking for fair officiating.

Hopefully my whining makes a difference too.