Hey, Carmelo Anthony! Man Up or Get Out!

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Hey, Carmelo Anthony! Man Up or Get Out!
Denver Nuggets foward Carmelo Anthony was booked under DUI monday morning. Ever since Anthonys role in the December 2006 brawl against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden, ive been fed up with "melo" his latest 'run in" tihs week was the 2nd last straw. Melo has been in trouble for a (whats with him and new york) his role in a night club brawl when his fiance was in trouble, sticking up for your lady, i understand and give you a thumbs up, but having a DIA TSA screener find pot in your luggage, pot in YOUR car that was pulled over when a friend of yours was driving a car. and again your back peddling after starting the brawl with the knicks, if your going to start a fight, stay in it and swing. not run away. After his mammoth 15 game suspension from the NBA for his fight picking the Denver Nuggets aquired Allen Iverson from the 76'ers on December 19th 2006. Iverson too has had run ins with the law, when he was around "melos" age, but hes in his 30;s now and has learned from his immature actions. aside from his famous "practice?" rant press conference, Iverson even released a rap album with very "offensive and violent lyrics" when i personally first heard that iverson was on the trade block, i joked to myself the nuggets should trade for AI's services, which they did for Joe Smith and Andre Miller,but i was hoping the nuggets would trade, Carmelo Anthony for iverson, again, because i was fed up with his antics both on and off the court, even before that, i was wishing that the nuggets drafted Dwyane Wade with the 3rd selection instead of Anthony in the 2003 NBA draft, sure wade has had his share of injuries the past 2 seasons, SINCE the heat won the 1996 NBA championship, wade obviously with that ring is a winner, while melo is a train wreck waiting to happen, Anthony said he needs to "man up" during his press conference on tuesday,. HEY "melo" your a 23 year old FATHER..you bet your ass you need to man up. i know we all make mistakes, and you have to be respected for admiting fault and "manning up" but im sick of the same song and dance, ive lost respect for you in the MSG brawl, now i really wish you were not a Nuggets player. point is, you really need to man up and yes your actions in both the Denver and Baltimore communtites are noted and you are a model for other NBA stars *coughs* Kobe bryant but still, GROW UP before your actions wear very thin in denver. Point is, thiers a reason why i own an Allen Iverson nuggets jersey (as seen on both my myspace and facebook default picture) and not a Carmelo Anthony jersey. your actions this past week and in the past has made me not cheer for you as a PLAYER, and perhaps the nuggets would be more than "we are just glad to make the playoffs" team and perhaps, "were in it to WIN IT" type of team. the only way denver will have an NBA champion, is with a "melo" less nuggets squad. hows that for manning up?

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