Referees Arrested During High School Football Game After Sideline Argument

Matt FitzgeraldCorrespondent IIIOctober 11, 2013

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Two referees were arrested during a high school football game in Covington, La., on Friday evening and will be charged with public intimidation. reported on the matter, citing Covington police captain Jack West as the source of the bizarre development. The arrests caused a 25-minute delay during the middle of the third quarter in a matchup between Mandeville and St. Paul.

The report further explained the specifics regarding what got the referees in trouble:

The incident began with arguments between a referees and a vocal St. Paul's chain crew on the sideline. One of the referees then got into an argument with a Covington Police officer over crowd control, and the argument escalated until the officials were taken from the field by police.

Although it was not clear what was said that led to the officials' arrests, the report noted that one of the officials allegedly tried to eject one of the police officers from the game.


Names of the two referees were not immediately available at the time of the original report, but this seemed like a rather unnecessary, authoritative squabble at the expense of young men hard at work on the gridiron.

There is nothing quite like the Friday-night lights—until the game gets suspended when the officials try to use their jurisdiction, which holds no weight whatsoever, to eject a law-enforcement official.

The conduct of these referees makes little sense and had to be the result of clouded judgment in the heat of competition.

Heckling from fans is bad enough, but then the officials got tangled in an intense sideline debate with the chains crew, and even the fuzz.

Talk about a hairy situation.

This was not a good example of referees practicing what they preach—sportsmanship—and it got these two in the back of a squad car before their night's work was even finished.