4 Things Andrea Pirlo Can Teach Paul Pogba at Juventus

Matteo Bonetti@@TheCalcioGuyContributor IOctober 14, 2013

4 Things Andrea Pirlo Can Teach Paul Pogba at Juventus

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    What can't Paul Pogba possibly learn from a man who has accrued an astonishing trophy collection throughout his storied career, including one World Cup, two Champions League titles and a slew of Scudetti with two different teams?

    That man, of course, is Andrea Pirlo—and here are four things the legendary deep-lying playmaker can teach young starlet Paul Pogba at Juventus


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    The biggest thing that differs from Andrea Pirlo and many modern players is humility.

    Pirlo's generation lacked the crazy hairstyles and bling-bling culture that has been embraced by many young footballers today.

    Pirlo's humility and quiet leadership made him a soft-spoken icon among teammates throughout a career which has spanned nearly 15 years.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Pogba when he was in Miami over the summer of 2013 for the ICC competition, and can easily say that he's one of the nicest, most humble athletes I have ever met.

    Here's hoping the dynamic French midfielder has a long and prosperous career. 

Tactical Nuances

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    Despite only being 20 years old, Paul Pogba plays with an elegance and tactical knowledge far beyond his age.

    If there's one thing Andrea Pirlo has mastered, it's the tactical aspect to the game. In any given moment, he'll know if passing out to a winger or darting it downfield to the No. 9 is the better choice.

    His decision will often astonish viewers while leaving the defense dead in its tracks.

    There's no one better than Pirlo to mold the young Pogba into a more modern midfield version of himself. 

Set-Piece Taking

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    More recently at Juventus, winger Simone Pepe told tales of when Alessandro Del Piero took a week to teach him how to curl a ball into the back of the net from a set-piece situation.

    Paul Pogba has a much more powerful shot than Pirlo, so the thought of him learning how to put English on a free-kick and add yet another weapon to his already impressive repertoire is staggering. 

Coolness Under Pressure

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    One of Pirlo's best traits is his coolness under pressure when he's in possession in his own half.

    Many times, teammates look for Pirlo to open himself up in front of the defense, and send him a pass right away—knowing their maestro will pirouette with the defense on his heels, turn around with a rapid feint and deliver a pinpoint pass 40 meters downfield.