WWE Worst of the Week: The Big Show, JoJo and More

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistOctober 13, 2013

WWE Worst of the Week: The Big Show, JoJo and More

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    Shame on the WWE universe for not voting for Bob Backlund!

    Shame on all of you…and me, since I refuse to download the WWE app. Having Booker T as the referee at Hell in a Cell would have been boring. Having Shawn Michaels was too predictable. But Backlund? That would have been complete chaos.

    He probably would have given random fans the Crossface Chickenwing, put himself through the top of the Hell in a Cell, and somehow emerged WWE Champion before going to prison. 

    Anyway, now that I'm over the disappointment, it's time to take a look back at the rest of the week. 

    We had Vickie Guerrero sexually harassing Alberto Del Rio, The Big Show searching for a new career, and the return of HB Shizzle. 

    It was a lot to take in, so it's time to sort through it all and find the moments that were the worst for business and made you second guess your love of the sport.

    Here is WWE's worst of the week.

No. 5: Los Funkadores

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    Los Matadores debuted last week to some excitement from children, some head scratching by adults, and a dose of hatred from longtime fans. 

    The gimmick feels right out of 1993, and that's never a good thing. Well, unless WWE wants to bring back an evil clown again, then there's always room for that. 

    What WWE is doing now with Los Matadores is giving us too much of a bad thing. There is no substance to the characters, and there most likely never will be. So the only thing one can look forward to watching is their entrance, which we've now seen four times in the past two weeks. 

    Not only have we witnessed the entirety of the act, but we saw them defeat the same team (3MB) three of those times.

    Basically, Los Matadores are the new Tons of Funk. They show up, have their entrance eat up two minutes of TV time, and then have a safe but predictable match. It's designed to be a crowd-favorite act, but the crowd responds with apathy and embarrassment. 

    Brodus Clay and A-Train/Albert/large tracksuit dancing man may have to find a new career soon as they also gave 3MB their first win in over three months. 

No. 4: Do It Again!

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    Antonio Cesaro performing his swing maneuver on The Great Khali at Battleground was so impressive that WWE felt it was best for business to do it again the following night and pretend it never happened the first time.

    You can see the company's side of things. Millions of people watch Raw, and maybe a couple hundred thousand of people ordered Battleground. Those that ordered the show, though, maybe felt they'd just witnessed something special. 

    Not really.

    WWE gave us a straight-up rematch the next night, this time for free! What? We don't have to pay to watch an unannounced Great Khali and Santino tag team match? That totally makes up for the non-finish later in the night!

    Somehow the sequel match had the exact finish as the night before. How odd. 

No. 3: No No JoJo

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    You're not fooling us, WWE. JoJo didn't tag into that Divas match on Raw!

    If the company let Ava Marie tag in on Raw and SmackDown, you'd have to wonder just how green JoJo is at this point. 

    While there are lot of great women wrestlers out there that WWE could easily bring in (Victoria, Mickie James, Sara Del Rey), it would rather promote a 19-year-old who will probably never develop actual wrestling skills and doesn't resemble a legitimate fighter in any way. 

    She's clearly not ready to compete, but WWE wants to get her some face time, most likely for the return of Total Divas. The company already masks Cameron's lack of wrestling skills by rarely giving her ring time in tag matches.

    Does the company really need two more women for that role?

    Also, a special welcome back to Kaitlyn, who had been gone for nearly two months, and WWE didn't bother to even acknowledge her return. Can you imagine any other TV show having a weekly featured character disappear for 16 episodes then return without any explanation?

No. 2: Silent Rhodes

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    When Cody Rhodes was fired, he exited the building by cutting the promo of his career. 

    When Cody and his brother finally defeated The Shield at Battleground and earned their jobs back, a follow-up was in order. It was the feel-good moment of the show and the perfect time to keep building the momentum.

    WWE decided this wasn't necessary.

    Cody and Goldust made their return to Raw without saying a single word and then played Daniel Bryan's sidekicks. Likewise, The Shield didn't get a chance to express its disappointment or vow revenge. By the end of the show, they were all overshadowed by Triple H and The Big Show. 

    What could possibly have been more important?

    Well, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox all had talking segments on the show. Sure, two wrestlers earning their jobs back may be a special occasion, but it's just not as special as four authority figures talking down to the talent on a weekly basis.

No. 1: Pay-Per-View Ending

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    Is WWE trying to get out of the pay-per-view business?

    Does it hate its customers?

    It's hard to think of any rational justification of not giving fans an ending to a pay-per-view that they paid $50 for. 

    The only way you can justify one wrestler ruining the finish to a show is if that person is incredibly special and the buzz from their appearance would be worth it—perhaps Hulk Hogan somehow holding back the hands of time and leg-dropping Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Maybe Steve Austin deciding he's returning to the ring full time, or Andre the Giant rising from the grave and doing a run-in would have sufficed.

    But The Big Show? The man that Vince McMahon said on air hasn't been good since 1999, ruining a pay-per-view main event?

    That's not good enough. 

    Show has been the most horribly pushed and inconsistent character in WWE in years. There's far more reasons to boo him than to cheer. WWE wants us to be mad at him, or at Stephanie McMahon, or Brad Maddox or Triple H for the ending of the show to build some good heat. But we're not.

    Fans are rightfully mad at WWE for not giving them a finish they paid for.

    WWE dropped the ball on Daniel Bryan when he lost the title at SummerSlam. The company then jerked fans around with Night of Champions by reversing the decision the next day. Battleground is the worst, though. Fans were left with nothing by the end of the show, except for their anger.

    Now, WWE is asking fans to shell out their money again to see if maybe, hopefully, no, seriously this time, for real, Daniel Bryan will win the title. It's doubtful many will fall for it.

    The good will has run out these past couple months. The sagging ratings mean fans aren't happy. Digging back into 1999 isn't going to push things forward.


    Well, that's all for this week. Agree? Disagree? What was your worst moment of the week? Sound off below and thanks for reading!