Listen Up: What TNA Must Do to Make Bound for Glory a Success!

John ReidCorrespondent IIIOctober 11, 2013

After watching this week's episode of Impact Wrestling, one thought continued to infiltrate my mind:

"What time does Scandal come on?"

Now, why am I not as excited for this year's Bound for Glory event, which is less than two weeks away?

Usually, it is the penultimate pay-per-view, one that is bound (pun intended) to bring a memorable moment wrestling fans will recall year in and year out. The rivalries that are supposed to come to a head have created little to no excitement. Matches have been thrown together in the type of slapstick booking usually reserved for those in Vince McMahon-land.

Let's get the big one out of the way. Seriously, who is AJ Styles' true opponent for BFG, Dixie Carter or Bully Ray? Styles' character looks as if he is more interested in sticking it to the president of the company (not literally) instead of winning the ultimate prize.

What's worse is it has led to a series of Carter in-ring promos that have made Linda McMahon's mic skills sound like the Rock in comparison. I get that she is trying the tried and true angle of a heel authority figure, but she's not Vickie Guerrero by a long shot.

If they are planning on having her team up with whatever is left of the Aces and Eights, then it would make sense. Hopefully this will be only a setup to have Styles have yet another signature match in his career, which is sorely needed at this point, win or lose.

Personally, I believe James Storm should be the World champ, but that's another story for another day. Having Bully Ray win would be "best for business" and show there is room in wrestling for a dominant heel champion. 

The rest of BFG really didn't take place until this week, and if they are truly serious about removing all traces of the ill-begotten Hulk Hogan era, then what they need to do is make this a true wrestling spectacle. The Robert Roode-Kurt Angle match needs to be at least a 15-minute classic, with Roode getting his win back from two years ago.

Roode and the rest of his EGO buddies need to become the central focus of the promotion, and anything short of Christopher Daniels-Kazarian winning the tag team titles will become a travesty of the highest order.

The TNA of the past specialized in tag team wrestling and having EGO with the titles would be entertainment of the highest order. Also, it would bring back my dream of the old Freebird rule, in which any member of the trio could defend the belts. 

Jeff Hardy and the X-Division were made for each other. I get that TNA tried this earlier with RVD, a high-flying veteran who had name recognition, but RVD was (and still is) a has-been, but Hardy could run with the title and stay away from the heavyweight title picture.

I think having Samoa Joe in the Ultimate X match is a stretch, but I'm tuning in just to see how the suddenly awesome Heel Chris Sabin is going to respond.

The Knockouts need a true dominant force in order to regain their momentum, and having Gail Kim with the strap makes perfect sense.

She has the skill in order to provide great matches, and her winning at BFG would cement her place as the "Queen of the Knockouts," however thin it is at the moment. TNA is about wrestling, and their champion must be a ring general like Kim who can create a buzz.

Finally, in order for BFG to be a success, they need to make sure there are no squash matches, or any "Dusty finishes" to mar the event. This is a tremendous opportunity to say goodbye to a failed era, and return to the TNA we all once enjoyed.