WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Oct. 11

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 11, 2013

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

The biggest moments of Monday's WWE Raw translated into entertaining tweets, videos and images on Instagram that celebrated and continued them.

The first Raw after Battleground featured a giant reaching his boiling point, a Swiss strongman impressing with his might and the surprise return of a megastar. Twitter, Instagram and YouTube were there capture then echo those events.

After Triple H and Stephanie McMahon spent the last few weeks treating Big Show as their puppet, the big man finally broke free of their tyranny.

McMahon had fired him earlier that night, but Big Show stormed back into the ring near the end of the episode and clocked Triple H. That punch was worth watching several times over.

This video shows off the punch fans have been waiting for at a number of different angles for anyone wishing physical harm upon the domineering COO.

WWE continued the story after Raw went off the air, portraying Triple H as having suffered a concussion.

The company shared this shot of him receiving medical attention on its Instagram page.

Photo from Instagram
Photo from Instagram

R-Truth may have needed a look from the doctor as well after his match against Curtis Axel. Axel hit a gorgeous dropkick on his foe.

This GIF captures how real the blow was, R-Truth's spit providing tangible evidence.

Antonio Cesaro had an impressive move of his own on Monday. He lifted the enormous Great Khali and swung him around in his Cesaro Swing, mirroring what he did to him at Battleground.

The video of him making Khali dizzy was one of the most watched clips WWE had to offer this week.

Monday's Raw also featured Goldust and Cody Rhodes, freshly signed after winning the right to join WWE by defeating Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Battleground.

Emma from NXT shared a photo of herself with Goldust from one of The Bizarre One's previous runs with as a wrestler.

It's always inspiring to see Superstars when they were fans like AJ Lee meeting Lita or CM Punk posing with Steve Austin. Emma is becoming increasingly popular with NXT fans and could be well on her way to joining the main roster alongside Goldust.

Raw's biggest surprise felt like a joke when Vickie Guerrero announced it casually. Despite sounding medically impossible, John Cena is making his return to Hell in a Cell a full three months ahead of what we expected.  

Cena confirmed his comeback and title shot against Alberto Del Rio via Twitter.

Cena, who has been making the rounds on the media circuit before he starts wrestling again, showed up on ESPN's Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable.

He moves from doing interviews and promoting breast cancer awareness to fighting for a championship in just a few short weeks. Triple H and Big Show are almost certain to be on the same card with "The Cerebral Assassin" hungry to make the giant pay for his now famous punch.