Breaking News: Jake Peavy Not on His Way to Chicago

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIMay 21, 2009

Just recently, the Chicago Tribune released the big news.  They said that the Padres' ace, Jake Peavy, is very close to becoming a Chicago White Sox. This is a huge surprise; no one expected the White Sox to go after Peavy.

Early in the offseason, the White Sox' crosstown rival Chicago Cubs were said to be seriously pursuing Peavy. That was not the case. The Cubs were still thinking about it along with many other teams, but the White Sox came in and swooped Peavy up before anybody else could.

The only thing needed to finalize this trade and make it official is, Peavy's OK.  If Peavy OK's it, then all he would have to do is pass a physical.  After those two steps, Peavy will officially become a Chicago White Sox.

The White Sox are currently 17-22 and six games behind in the loss column in the AL Central.  Their pitching hasn't been spectacular this season, and Peavy would definitely help. Right now, I just checked and the Chi Sox are losing 20-0 to the Minnesota Twins in the seventh inning. 


If the White Sox get Peavy, it will certainly lessen the blow of their loss today, and more importantly give them another shot at winning their division and playing in October.

As for the Padres, they will recieve the Chicago White Sox two and three ranked prospects.  Aaron Poreda, and Clayton Richard.  Both good prospects.

Update 9:08:  Peavy has used his no-trade clause and it doesn't look like he's going to the southside of Chicago.  I think he did the wrong thing, he said himself "it was a crazy 24 hours".  I bet it was, lets see if he has another crazy day with another team like the Cubs or Mets.  So, for now, Peavy will stay as a San Diego Padre.