The WWE Needs New Stars!

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IMay 21, 2009

I`m pretty sure many people think the same as I do. The WWE needs to promote some new stars. I was watching RAW on Monday and it's such a huge difference to see the same old Batista, Cena, Big Show, etc. on top. Soon we will have Triple H and Shawn Michaels taking over the main event picture.

RAW is stale. The show is not that good anymore, and I know it has to do with the same old thing we have seen over the past few months.

Just take a look at SmackDown. You have Edge vs. Hardy, which even thought they have been on many matches, it seems fresh. You got Jericho vs. Rey, which can be a great long program for the IC title. You have CM Punk vs. Umaga, which gave us a great match on the last PPV.

Then you have John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin, which I believe these two can be main event player in the coming months. Here you have eight wrestlers that will dominate the mid to upper card this year.

On RAW you have MVP, who can be great. The Miz, who I might add I hate, but his in-ring promos have been the best of RAW over the past few weeks. If the best part of the show is a promo from a mid card wrestler, then you have a problem.

Soon you will also have Mr. Kennedy. You have Matt Hardy there as well. But my question is, when will you allow for these wrestlers to succeed when you have a bullet proof glass celling?

If you would allow Miz to maybe pin Cena on the next RAW, and maybe make him beat Cena again even by cheating on a one-on-one contest. That would elevate The Miz.

But instead we will have Cena crushing a young talent that would bring a fresh look to the RAW mid-upper card.

SmackDown is the best show by far; it's a shame RAW cannot follow its steps.