Spike Lee Is Not in a New York State of Mind

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Spike Lee Is Not in a New York State of Mind
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Spike Lee has long been one of my favorite filmmakers, simply because I feel that he totally gets it from start to finish.  He is a no-nonsense guy, who takes on issues from race relations to global warming. 


And if you ever need to find Spike during basketball season, he would be affixed to a courtside seat watching the New York Knick.  I thought of Spike as such a loyal fan, that nothing could convince me otherwise. 


But convince me no more, I have witnessed it with my own eyes, as Spike made a switcharoo, and took his loyalty to the LA Lakers and the likes of Kobe Bryant. 


I recently watched the “Kobe Doing Work documentary which Spike so eagerly produced and is now wondering why Spike dumped on the New York Knick, setting sights on the glitz and glamour of LA. Yes, Kobe is the next coming of MJ, but Spike has to separate business from pleasure.


Now is not the time to bail out on the Knicks, Spike. I know you don’t care, and this is a free country, but do you care about the disabled team you are leaving behind?  


I remembered the days when Spike had words for Reggie Miller when his Pacers were beating upon the Knick, making it a memorable moment with Miller’s triple three-pointers in eight seconds to close out Spike’s Knick.  That Reggie/Spike drama could made a good docu-drama.


The recent struggles of the Knicks and their embattled former Head Coach Isaiah Thomas might have ruffled a few feathers, but no one could ever convince me that, there was life after the Knick for Spike. 


So as we get ready to watch another game in the Lakers versus Denver series. Close your eyes when the television camera draws a spotlight on Spike because he is just trying to complete his Kobe project and forgot that the team he loves dearly is in NY. 

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