WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Feuds Most Deserving of Cage Match

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistOctober 11, 2013

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013: Feuds Most Deserving of Cage Match

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    The Hell in a Cell match was, at one time, the ultimate feud-ending match.

    It was a bloody, violent match in which Superstars risked their bodies in the ultimate test of will against their most hated rivals.

    Superstars such as Mick Foley, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker added to their considerable legacies by throwing caution to the wind inside the Devil's Playground and creating memorable moments that have stood the test of time.

    While the match may no longer be what it was meant to be at its inception, it still carries a certain aura of violence and finality that lends itself well to the top feuds in the sport.

    In today's WWE, there are four rivalries that are deserving of a Hell in a Cell match. One of them, Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, has already been confirmed as a match that will be taking place inside the structure.

    Which other three deserve a spot in the cell?

    Find out after the jump.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

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    After two near-classics that had their finishes tainted by controversy, there is no better choice for the Hell in a Cell match on October 27 than Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton.

    A fast count from referee Scott Armstrong cost Daniel Bryan the WWE title that he won fair and square at Night of Champions, while interference from The Big Show prevented both Bryan and Orton from capturing the vacant title.

    Inside the confines of the cell, with special referee Shawn Michaels prepared to call for the bell should there be a pinfall or submission, there is little opportunity for outside interference to affect the outcome of the bout.

    In recent weeks, Orton has displayed the more savage and disturbed side of himself, a side fans became more than familiar with during his run as one of the top heels in the industry between 2005 and 2010.

    That savageness will lend itself favorably to a match in which the competitors can use everything under and around the ring as a weapon, not to mention the giant structure engulfing the squared circle.

    Bryan, a more technically sound wrestler who is used to utilizing his striking ability and submission wrestling skills to wear his opponent down, will have to adapt to his surroundings. He will have to reach down inside of himself and find a harder-hitting, more violent side if he wishes to leave the Hell in a Cell match not only with the WWE title but also relatively uninjured.

    The Bryan-Orton rivalry goes back as far as May of this year. It has resulted in intriguing stories and outstanding in-ring action.

    It deserves to have its culmination come in one of WWE's signature gimmick matches, and, Sunday night, October 27, it will.

The Big Show vs. Triple H

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    The Big Show has been humiliated and manipulated by Triple H and his wife, Stephanie, to the point that, when the giant knocked the COO out this past Monday on Raw, the fans inside Pittsburgh's Consol Energy Center erupted with glee having seen him get a small measure of revenge for the torment he had suffered to that point.

    Say what you will about Big Show's knack for crying on cue, but he has shown a great range of emotions throughout the story, and his ability to do so has really aided in gaining the sympathy of the audience and setting up the reaction he and management had hoped for from the start of the angle.

    Arguably the hottest feud heading into Hell in a Cell, it remains to be seen if Big Show and Triple H will even be added to the card. There have been few signs that The Game is prepared to step back into the squared circle, and Big Show has not made many in-ring appearances since September.

    In the past, WWE has been accused of not striking while the iron is hot. The company has had a number of angles that failed to meet expectations thanks in large part to management's decision to put off delivering the payoff to the story until it is too late to achieve the maximum success.

    At this moment, Big Show is as hot as he has ever been, and the impending match between he and Triple H would go a long way in spiking the Hell in a Cell buyrate.

    Why put off the match and risk it cooling down when the opportunity to deliver the match and reap the rewards exists right now? 

    The addition of the Hell in the Cell, which would give Big Show a one-on-one opportunity to punish his tormentor, would be the perfect cap to their angle.

    Of course, waiting for The Shield to find a way into the cell so the trio can back up the boss would be almost as entertaining as the match itself.

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

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    At Battleground, the fans' reaction to Cody Rhodes and Goldust's victory over WWE Tag Team champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns indicated that they had emotionally bought into the angle surrounding the Rhodes family's attempts to win Cody's job back.

    The match itself was the best of that show, with a closing sequence that is just about unmatched by any other Match of the Year candidate in 2013.

    With the feel-good moment in the rear-view mirror and the Rhodes brothers back on the main roster, what better way to follow their outstanding match at Battleground with a rematch, this time with the tag titles on the line?

    Even better, why not put the two teams inside the cell?

    One of the most clever and original matches of the last five years was the D-Generation X vs. Legacy tag team Hell in a Cell match from the 2009 event. Cody Rhodes was involved in that match, a match that saw he and Ted DiBiase isolate Shawn Michaels inside the cage while Triple H was forced to find a way into the structure if he wanted to help his team to victory.

    Considering the chemistry Rhodes and Goldust proved to have with Rollins and Reigns last Sunday night, as well as the creativity that the four Superstars have displayed in the past, a Hell in a Cell match between the teams could very well be one of those matches that comes from out of nowhere to be a Match of the Year candidate.

CM Punk vs. Ryback

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    Based on their previous matches with one another, including the Hell in a Cell match for the WWE title at last year's match and their singles bout at Battleground, the idea of watching CM Punk take on Ryback inside the unforgiving steel structure is not exactly a thrilling one.

    They have yet to show great chemistry with one another, and their match this past Sunday night never really clicked with the Buffalo audience.

    From a storyline standpoint, however, the feud is deserving of a Hell in a Cell match.

    After all, Punk and Ryback battling inside the cell would prevent both Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman from interfering, insuring a fairly contested match.

    That is, as long as Brad Maddox does not return to the refereeing business.

    While the feud is definitely deserving of a Hell in a Cell match, it is safe to say that Punk and Ryback should prove they can deliver a solid singles match with one another first.