The Real Top Ten Hottest Players in Baseball

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IMay 21, 2009

I am a woman who has been accused of being more passionate about baseball than I am about my past boyfriends.  That may be true (where are you, Mr. Right?) but it does not mean I am unable to spot a smokin' hot baseball player when I see one.  

An unidentified Fox Sports analyst has recently come up with a list of the MLB&photo=9562802" target="_blank">Top 10 Hottest Baseball Players.  What the requirements were to land on this list, I have no idea.  It is so incredibly wrong in so many ways, I felt the need to speak out about it.

Jimmy Rollins, Barry Zito and Ichiro Suzuki as your top three? Umm, no.

Just because Barry and Bronson Arroyo play the guitar does not make them hot.  Also, Marco Scutaro?  Good lord, lady.  Guess who was not on the almighty list of sex appeal?  Man Muscles.  Yeah, I was pretty much disgusted by that.  Now, I know 99 percent of our readers are male, but just bear with me here.  You do not have to bat for the other team to know when a guy is good-looking, right?  Right.

I think it is time this chick goes to school.  So, I have compiled my own List of Baseball Hotness as a rebuttal—to set a new standard among female fans—since 90 percent of my picks are not even on her list and I would like to think I have pretty great taste in men. (You know, besides every one I have ever dated, especially the last guy.) Sadly, Paul Greco did not make the list despite his rapping style and his lame attempt to flex his biceps in his FP911 rap video.

Click to enlarge. Rawr.

10. Mark Kotsay:

9. Rick Ankiel.


8. Grady Sizemore. (The only guy we agreed upon.)

7. Johan Santana.

6. Curtis Granderson.

5. Evan Longoria.

4. Ryan Braun.

3. Jeff Francouer.

2. Joe Mauer.

1. Chase Utley.

Honorable Mention: Gabe Kapler's body. Yikes.

Now that I have got that off my chest, maybe next time we will discuss the Top 10 hottest, half-naked female Red Sox fans or something.


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