UFC Fight Night 29: Twitter Reacts to Demian Maia vs. Jake Shields

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UFC Fight Night 29: Twitter Reacts to Demian Maia vs. Jake Shields
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Shields and Demian Maia required all 25 minutes of the UFC Fight Night 29 main event to determine a winner. While the former, Shields, walked away with the decision win, the judges were not unanimous, and the Brazil crowd disagreed. 

It turns out plenty of people on Twitter also disagreed, while others were eager to defend the decision. But, mostly, people just wanted to talk about the actual grappling between two of the better ground-fighters in MMA

Take a look at how Twitter reacted to the evening's main event:

Some thought it was the worst of fights, others were enthralled (or at least claimed to be). What'd you think of the contest?

Mr. Shoman did not approve.

He earned the decision, but just barely. 

After dominating Jon Fitch in his last fight, Maia appeared to be on the brink of a title run at 170. Big step back after tonight. 

Those two fights also went 25 minutes, though Shields didn't pick up a win against GSP.

Seems just about everyone knew this fight was going the distance. The Shields pick was a little tougher.

Regardless of his struggling takedown offense, Shields still managed to gain top position on the ground early and often against Maia. 

Shields, never the most gifted athlete to step foot in the cage, can grind with the best of them. 

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