Coffey Spills - Cubs vs. Reds

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Coffey Spills - Cubs vs. Reds
Red's reliever Todd Coffey had an honest appraisal of his outing against the Cubs on Tuesday night
"The way I'm throwing right now, I'm embarrassed," Coffey said on Wednesday. "I'm embarrassed for the team, [manager] Dusty [Baker], [pitching coach] Dick [Pole], the bullpen. I don't care what I have to do -- even if I have to throw left-handed -- I've got to get these guys out."

Coffey came in to face Ryan Theriot with the Cubs looking for insurance runs. With one out and Reed Johnson on first, Ryan Theriot homered to put the game away.

For the play-by-play check out Gameday. You can also see similar (cooler) pitch plots there for the second chart below.

Here are cumulative plots of each AB showing vertical and horizontal "spin movement", or "PFX". The vertical is movement beyond the effects of gravity (so, +10 would seem to be a rising fastball, -12 a huge curveball dropping). The pitch put in play is a bigger dot below. Units are in inches.

At a glance, Todd throws a slider and a fastball. That's what Gameday reports, too. Fangraphs lists the occasional change in 2008, which I can't find, but otherwise agrees.

The fastball was clocked last night between 89 and 92. The slider was down at 80-83. Coffey threw nothing but fastballs to Derrek Lee, but an even mix was tossed at the others.

Ramirez hit a grounder on a slider up and away. If you look back at the PFX, you can see it was a hanger.

Theriot and Lee did their damage on middle-in fastballs, and Fukudome sent the last slider he saw to Corey Patterson for the final out of the inning. Fukudome's slider was a pretty good one, it was up an in the zone with good movement. Well, Coffey's slider isn't too nasty, so good movement for him.

The following chart is in feet, not inches.

This isn't fair, but let's compare him to Carlos Marmol. Here's one of my first PITCHf/x charts. Marmol has three pitches (have I ever bothered to finish posting that?). This shows two.

Now, that's a lot of movement.

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