WWE Diva Aksana in Line for Big Push?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 9, 2013

WWE officials are high on Aksana (from WWE.com)
WWE officials are high on Aksana (from WWE.com)

Is WWE Diva Aksana in line for a big push? One recent report has claimed this could be the case.

Earlier this week, PWInsider.com (via WrestleZone) revealed that people in management, most notably Triple H, were high on the Lithuanian star and currently trying to find the right role for her.

Aksana (real name: Zivile Raudoniene) was a veteran of the bodybuilding circuit when she inked a developmental deal with the company in October 2009. 

Aksana and Eva Marie showcased their superb wrestling skills on Monday's Raw (from WWE.com)
Aksana and Eva Marie showcased their superb wrestling skills on Monday's Raw (from WWE.com)

The following year, she was called up to TV to participate in the all-women season of NXT.

She didn't demonstrate any real great wrestling ability, of course, but her on-screen romance with trainer Goldust, which culminated in a predictably disastrous wrestling wedding, did showcase her personality and heel charisma.

Following her stint on the developmental show, Aksana started working on the main shows.

She toyed with the affections of SmackDown general manager Teddy Long in a series of seemingly never-ending segments. She also served as newcomer Antonio Cesaro's valet, but that association was quickly dropped.   

In the last 18 months, the 31-year-old has struggled to find her niche. It doesn't help that the company insists on using her as a wrestler, despite the fact that she's totally clueless in the ring. Indeed, even by the subterranean standards of WWE's Divas Division, she's still terrible. Only Rosa Mendes is worse.

Case in point, Aksana's unintentionally hilarious match with Kaitlyn from last December, which consisted mainly of one badly applied four-minute headlock.

If Triple H and WWE really are trying to find a useful role for the former fitness model, hopefully they will realize that keeping her out of the ring is the right start.