Steve Nash Dishes Delightful Dime to Lakers' Chris Kaman in Preseason Game

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 9, 2013

Don't blink, or you might miss one of the better passes of the Lakers' preseason. 

With over nine minutes to go in the third quarter, Steve Nash decided to infuse some Magic Johnson into the game. At least, that's how Lakers announcer Stu Lantz sees this masterful assist from the Lakers guard. 

With the score an already gaudy 53-36, Nash decided to try out his new toy as he cut to the basket. Unfortunately, that new weapon isn't a new back or years being given to his weary legs. 

No, he gets a sparkling Chris Kaman to pass to. 

Of course, this is a highlight most fanseven this Lakers homerwill forget once the games that matter get here. It comes during a preseason game that was already a lopsided affair. 

The Lakers would go on to win, 90-88, and improve their October record to 2-1, giving Lakers fans hope that it's not all gloom and doom as Kobe Bryant continues to heal from his Achilles surgery. 

And really, anytime you see one of the new faces mixing it up and showing great on-court chemistry with Nash is excellent. 

While time was spread throughout the roster, Nash dished five assists on the night while Kaman added 12 points and seven rebounds. 

Sure, it might not be the marquee duo of last year, but Kaman's fine game came alongside Pau Gasol's solid effort. In 25 minutes, Gasol added 14 points and eight rebounds on the night. 

It's a long and arduous road, but things are looking both hunky and dory heading into the final October push before the regular season. 

If Nash is going to continue pulling off these dandy dimes, Lakers fans should be well entertained this season. And judging by the roster, that will have to be enough for now. 


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