WWE 2K14: Superstar Entrances, Finishers, Creation Suite and Latest Info

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 9, 2013

image from WWE 2K14 Trailer
image from WWE 2K14 Trailer

If fans are displeased with WWE 2K14, it won’t be because they are frustrated with a lack of options. The feature set for WWE 13 was pretty verbose, but as more details surface on WWE 2K14, it’s becoming evident the newest WWE video game is going to put unrivaled customization in gamers' hands. 

Here’s what we’ve learned over the last two weeks.


WWE Universe Gets Looser and More Moldable

Total Divas…Kinda

image from WWE 2K14 official trailer
image from WWE 2K14 official trailer

In previous versions, fans could create their own shows and rivalries, but there were a few frustrating details that stifled our creativity. If you wanted to create an all-Divas show, you couldn’t because each show had to be based on a major championship.

The Divas championship didn’t fall into that category last year, thus the ladies were a bit of an afterthought. This year that issue has been remedied, and you’re free to make a show full of poorly wrestled matches, except for the ones that include AJ Lee. I’m kidding—partially. 


Control Your Feuds

Another welcomed tweak is the ability to alter the length of rivalries. Wrestling is powered by its feuds, but nothing is worse than a storyline that drags on too long. Now in your Universe experience, you can set John Cena and Alberto Del Rio’s feud to last one week, two weeks or longer. Oh God, no. 

In all seriousness, these are excellent customization options that will really allow gamers to create their own universe. That’s what its all about.

Here’s the video of the live stream dedicated to the goodness that is the Universe mode in WWE 2K14.


Creation Nation

Any wrestling game worth its weight in virtual-title gold has to have a rock-solid creation suite. WWE games have always been pretty solid in this area. Past versions have allowed gamers to create just about any fictional or nonfictional grappler they wanted. This year, the envelope has been pushed in a major way. 


Cloning Is Legal

image from WWE 2K14
image from WWE 2K14

We originally heard about the ability to use Superstar heads in creation mode a few weeks ago, but on Monday the roof was blown off of this house of creative genius. 

Not only will gamers have the opportunity to use Superstar heads as a base for creating a character or alternate versions of the base character, you’ll also have the ability to tinker with the dimensions of the entire wrestler’s body. You can elongate their arms, legs and torso just like you would any created Superstar.

Say for instance you want to make a version of CM Punk who has really let himself go. You can give him a gut like Viscera and a butt like Rikishi. It might be hard for Punk to stay awake, let alone deliver a Go To Sleep in that state, but it would be fun to create.

Unfortunately, only the following 14 Superstars can be cloned: Punk, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Paul Heyman, Rowdy Roddy Piper (yes Piper), Daniel Bryan, Edge, John Cena, Kane, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, The Rock and Triple H.

You are also not allowed to edit the facial features of the Superstars. Despite these limitations, this is still an excellent feature.

That's not the end of the goodies. There’s even more for creation nuts like myself. Altering entrance attires has also been given to the community, as well as the ability to create a championship. You might be saying, "You could do that last year." Well, that’s partially true, but anyone who actually used that feature in WWE 13 knows it was more of a “decorate-an-existing-championship” mode.

In WWE 13, you simply had the ability to change the colors of the titles that were included in the game. In WWE 2K14, we’ll be able to fully create and customize everything from front and side panels to images and colors of the strap. 

There’s also new arena types to base your create-a-venue ventures as well as over 20 new stage designs. How will I harness all this power? Take a look at the video from the live stream discussing the creation suite.


Other Cool Stuff

The Arrival and the Finishes

The entrances and finishing moves have been released for most every Superstar in the game via WWE 2K’s YouTube channel. There have been a few subtle changes made to roster holdovers from previous years, but the guys we really want to see are the new additions. Here’s a look at the finisher and entrance videos for three of the Superstars who are new to the roster.

You can see all of the published finisher and entrance videos at WWE.2K.com. Any Superstar or Diva with “view bio” in their thumbnail also has their finisher/entrance video uploaded.


Looking Ahead

As someone who has actually played early builds of the game, the details associated with the feature set are only serving to increase my expectations for the game’s release on Oct. 29.

I can confidently say the gameplay has improved in the versions I’ve played. WWE 2K14 could be the CM Punk—or Heyman—of wrestling video games. The best in the world. 


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