John Cena Returning at Hell in a Cell Won't Be What Fans Expect

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistOctober 8, 2013

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John Cena won't compete in a full match at WWE's Hell in a Cell.

He will be there. WWE isn't going to advertise the return of their biggest name to pay-per-view and not have him there on purpose. He'll be there but as a decoy.

The World Heavyweight Championship picture has been booked and backed into a corner. Alberto Del Rio has never risen to the level the company hoped and there are no other babyfaces being positioned to challenge him now.

 Cena returning is going to be used to benefit somebody else.

Whoever is intended to get the shine out of Cena's appearance will be better off. That's wrestling 101. A rub from the top guy in the company can go a long way.

This will be big for Damien Sandow if he is involved. Perhaps Cena gets a quick win against Del Rio followed by Sandow cashing in. Perhaps Ricardo Rodriguez plays a factor. Maybe the match never even takes place because someone gets their hands on Cena prior to it starting.

It's a smart move by WWE using Cena to promote Hell in a Cell. He will help the number of buys. It also puts unusual light and credibility on the WHC and Del Rio. It also allows to better push the pink Cena breast cancer awareness shirt. It all fits.

Cena being part of the build to the next pay-per-view is needed. Viewership numbers have gone down over the past few weeks. WWE is up against fall television programming, the NFL, no Cena and themselves.

He can help the build, but the bottom line is the stories need to start to pick up. Too many segments with little to no purpose or progression have been happening. WWE also needs to address the issue of babyfaces in the WHC title picture.

Dolph Ziggler seems to have fallen out of favor. RVD is gone. Does Christian really draw?

The best bet would be for Sandow to win the title soon and pick back up the unfinished business of a feud with former partner Cody Rhodes. It would be a fresh feud for the title and Rhodes has strong momentum coming off winning his job back.

Make no mistake Cena fans, he's only coming back for the next few weeks relating to Hell in a Cell and then he goes back home to continue resting. WWE needs and owes him the time to get a full recovery. Being healthy for WrestleMania season is much more important than being healthy now.

Plus, bringing him back for the WHC — You think WWE is going to risk further injury to their golden goose for the WHC. They won't even put worthy time and booking into it as is sometimes.

Pimp Cena's name, collect the money and give a rub to somebody who needs it.