Fantasy Football Week 6: Harry Douglas and the Best Bye-Week Pickups at WR

Bruce Chen@bsk1364Analyst IOctober 8, 2013

Fantasy Football Week 6: Harry Douglas and the Best Bye-Week Pickups at WR

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    The world beneath our ground has frozen over. I never thought I'd see Harry Douglas' name in a headline of any sports website, other than a study on how he's the most perfectly average receiver ever.

    The Week 6 byes are coming upon us and the Atlanta Falcons and the Miami Dolphins are unavailable to slot into your lineups. That means you need long-term and short-term solutions at wideout and flex options.

    Here are some sneaky but intriguing options for fantasy owners to consider that are probably available in your league. The following players are owned in less than 30 percent of Yahoo! leagues. 

Harry Douglas

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    I know, I know. I just told you that the Falcons are on bye week for Week 6. 

    That being said, Douglas is owned in 5 percent in of Yahoo! leagues. For good reason too; the dude has never gone over 500 yards receiving in a season and has scored one touchdown in each season he's been in the league.

    That said, he was always the secondary wideout. I know he's hard to trust and it's a leap of faith, but the targets will be there.

    Matt Ryan has gone over 4,000 yards passing in the last two seasons and it's not going to change with the modern NFL rules that favor passing. 

    Roddy White's ankle has limited him to 129 yards receiving. For the season. And he left Monday Night Football with an injury to his hamstring. Compound that with his gimpy ankle and he'll be even less of a factor than he's been this season going forward

    Julio Jones may have ran a 4.34 40-yard dash on a gimpy foot at the combine, but he's not going to be able to go full speed, or at all, with the "fractured foot" he's probably going to be diagnosed with. 

    Steven Jackson's still out. Harry Douglas is the first or second option in the Falcons offense. 

    Sure, he probably won't be more than a flex play or a PPR option. But somebody's got to catch in Atlanta. Why not bet basically nothing on the most logical option in Douglas?



Terrance Williams

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    Owned in just 19 percent of Yahoo! leagues, Terrance Williams will certainly see that number rise in the coming weeks.

    Somebody other than Dez Bryant and Jason Witten need to catch passes for Tony Romo in Dallas. What I love about anybody catching passes for Dallas is the fact that the Cowboys' offensive game plan falls apart so easily; as soon as they get in anything resembling a close game, they abandon the run. 

    I mean, seriously, Jason Garrett knows it's not illegal to run the ball in the second half, right? Explain how else DeMarco Murray got just 12 carries in a game that was neck and neck the whole way, until Romo throws that awful pick. 

    Now, as it pertains to Williams, it means that Romo is going to chuck it, a lot. He's on pace for the second-highest amount of pass attempts per game so far, he sports a 13-2 TD-to-INT ratio, he's on pace for another near-5,000-yard passing season.

    But most importantly, he's completing nearly 72 percent of his passes and having by any metric, the most efficient season of his career. 

    Romo has always made tertiary pass-catchers sneaky-good fantasy plays. From Laurent Robinson a couple of years ago, to Miles Austin last year; I am a believer that Terrance Williams' 151-yard performance on Sunday indicates that he's next in line to be a sneaky-good option for fantasy. 

    There's a big chunk of the passing pie available in Big D, and Williams should be able to take his piece. 

Rueben Randle

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    Alright, sue me. I'm eight percent over my quota, as Randle is owned in 38 percent of Yahoo! leagues. That said, he's still a guy a lot of people have a hard time believing in.

    It makes sense if you're playing for the pathetic 0-5 New York Giants

    But if we know anything about fantasy, it's that if you're down, you're chuckin' it. 

    The Cowboys aren't bad at running the ball; they just choose not to when they're in close games. The Giants, on the other hand, are absolutely downright awful, whether they choose to run it or not.  

    Reuben Randle was the recipient of two garbage touchdowns en route to a six-catch, 96-yard performance. The Philadelphia Eagles exposed the Giants' futility by establishing an easy formula for stopping the Giants offense; contain Victor Cruz, and they aren't a threat. 

    This leads to Hakeem Nicks and Randle seeing lots of one-on-one coverage on the outside. I love Nicks as a top-15 WR for the rest of the season, but you can't go pick him up right now. You can do so with Randle. He's big, physical, will see red-zone targets and has a chance to produce tons of garbage numbers. 

Cordarelle Patterson

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    Somewhat of a gut call here. Anyways, Patterson is a special talent (look at the video) who's owned in 17% of Yahoo! leagues.

    He wasn't more coveted on draft day as a sleeper because he had the weak-armed Christian Ponder ostensibly as his quarterback. Ponder ranked 31st overall in yards per pass attempt in 2012, and his "ascending" to the 21st overall spot doesn't change my opinion that he doesn't go down field because he only played three games.

    That being said, looking at that same list, Josh Freeman ranked 12th in that same category. Oh, and he just signed with the Vikings

    I'm not the coach of the Vikes, but seriously, are you going to sit there and tell me Freeman isn't more talented and gives them the best chance to win over the likes of Matt Cassell? Greg Schiano, I know you're reading this somewhere!

    So I'm going to go off common sense and say that Freeman wins the job. His two top receivers last year were Vincent Jackson (an elite, top-five option) and Mike Williams (a serviceable flex play).

    I'm higher on Greg Jennings because of the signing, but Cordarrelle Patterson's unique playmaking talents are available in your league for the taking. He'll be at worst, a top-30 wideout or flex option going forward. 

Brandon LaFell

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    Well, he's not an exciting pick or really a very good real-life wideout. He dropped two catchable passes in Week 5 en route to a putrid four catches and 47 yards.

    That said, nine targets from a big-armed quarterback such as Cam Newton isn't anything to sneeze at. His two touchdowns in Week 3 indicate a semblance of red-zone ability given his size.

    Again, he's owned in just 12 percent of Yahoo! leagues for a reason. But why not take a flier on a guy who sees soft corner matchups every week because Steve Smith is drawing the best cover man every week?

    I'll say it again; somebody's got to catch it. LaFell won't be spectacular, but his Week 5 performance seems to be his floor and the potential for red-zone touchdowns are there.