Scouting Report and Breakdown of AJ McCarron, College Football's Winningest QB

Michael FelderNational CFB Lead WriterOctober 8, 2013

Alabama's quarterback, AJ McCarron, is putting together another quality year in Tuscaloosa. The senior has led the Tide to two straight BCS Championships and has designs on walking out of Alabama with a third ring.

As a starter, McCarron has only lost two games, 2011 against LSU and 2012 against Texas A&M, lofty numbers for a guy many expected to just be a game manager. In this scouting report, we take a look at what McCarron brings to the table, and where he has some trouble in his game.

This quarterback certainly has some skills, and as a key player in the last two championships, top ranked Alabama is going to need the senior to continue to play good football. After surviving the Texas A&M game this year, LSU and the SEC Championship Game are the biggest road blocks to Alabama, and AJ McCarron, getting that third straight ring.

Take a look at McCarron, the man with the 30-2 record as a starter.