What Should Be Next For The WWE Diva Scene

Diyo MuyumbaContributor IMay 21, 2009

The picture above is all I could find of Women's Tag Team Champs, and the woman on the left is a WWE Developmental Diva Ms. April.

I have been a wrestling fan for a long time, and one thing that has always baffled me is the way they treat the women, or divas, of the company. They are left to manage a single wrestler or group, they are given very little air time, and when they are on it seems to be in talent contests, bikini brawls, and dance—offs.

I feel this is unfair.

The purpose of this article is to simply discuss what should happen with the divas in the WWE. This is my first article, and I hope I can get some positive feedback.

Okay, here we go.


The Current Status

As it stands right now, the WWE has between 16 and 18 divas wrestling. Those excluded are Tiffany and Lillian Garcia. There are two Champions currently: Melina, the WWE Women's Champion, and Maryse, the Diva's Champion, which leaves a whole host of possibilities.


The Plan

Dissolve the Diva's Championship and Introduce the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.


How it should go down

The RAW after the next Pay—Per—View Beth Phoenix is shown celebrating with Rosa after defeating "Santina" in a hair vs. hair match. Rosa asks her what is next and Beth replies, "Now, we go after the Mickie and the Diva's Chapmpionship!!" (Which she won at the Pay—Per—View)

The very next match they run and destroy Mickie and her opponent Kelly Kelly. !!Oooo Chavo!!! Out comes Chavo who says that his Aunt Vickie wanted to reward Beth for taking care of Santina so she grants her a title match against Mickie for that night!!

Beth Wins!!! But after looking at the belt she decides it is not worthy of The "Glamazon." The next month or so Beth has Rosa carry the belt around, until Vickie threatens to strip her of the title. Beth suggests an alternative: She wants to go to Smackdown and bring back the Women's Championship, but she and Rosa can't do it just the two of them.

That same week on Smackdown we hear Teddy and Vickie going at it on the phone about Beth and the two titles. The next week on Smackdown all three General Managers are shown in Teddy Long's office having a very heated discussion about something we can't quite hear, after a short while they all shake hands and go their separate ways.

At the Great American Bash, Beth Phoenix goes on to defeat the Women's Champion, Melina, in a Lumber Jill match and now holds both belts. But then as she starts to head for the ramp out come the three GMs. They tell the rest of the Divas that the Diva's belt is from there on dissolved. They, next, introduce the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, which will be a tri—branded championship just like the Women's Championship.

The belts are lowered from the rafters and Tiffany says "This match will be a through the ropes battle royal the last two women left will be the champions!"

The bell rings and they fight and go at it women are flying all over the ring. Beth and Rosa rush the ring and start tossing women around. It is down to five: The Bella Twins, Beth, Rosa and Michelle McCool!! 

The Bella Twins go first, now it 's down to three...Then out of nowhere Kelly Kelly comes running down to the ring now it's two on two or....is it? Beth looks at the other competitors and jumps the ring ropes, McCool is thrown out and Rosa Mendes and Kelly Kelly are the New WWE Women's Tag Team Champions! Ladies and Gentlemen, the Nation of Glamazonia!!!



What all of these things do is show how important these belts could be. I know with current amount of talent on the roster they can come up with at least four good tag teams which would leave at least eight to challenge for the title.

This should hopefully keep things interesting and allow for already established tag teams to come to the WWE.

Alright guys tell me what you think?