Jonathan Quick Suffers Horrible but Entertaining Gaffe, Scores on Himself

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 8, 2013

Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick would like a corner to hide in if you have one handy. 

Quick's season could have started better, which is as obvious a statement as one can have to begin the NHL season. 

One game after getting benched against Winnipeg in an eventual loss to the Jets, 5-3, Quick suffered a humbling moment during a power play on Monday night. 

With over 15 minutes to go in the third period, the Kings faced a 2-1 deficit against the visiting New York Rangers. With a power play and the home crowd behind them, the Kings were looking to right the ship early in the season. 

Well, not so much. 

Ryan McDonagh got the puck and smacked it toward the King's end. This little bit of garbage yielded a gem of a highlight—at least as far as the Rangers are concerned. 

The puck slid on down the ice to a normally stout Quick who seemed to lose a handle on his stick (and his mojo). It then turned into a slapstick comedy routine for all to enjoy—well, minus the thousands at Staples Center, of course. 

The puck ricocheted off the seemingly unlucky man, and headed into net. You can see Quick immediately hang his head almost the second the puck caroms off of him. It's almost as if he was thinking, "Yup. That's about right."

The Kings would ultimately lose, 3-1, and they now slide to an unimpressive 1-2-0 on the season. Someone give Quick a hug, because he certainly needs one right now.


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