Metta World Peace's First Episode of 'Metta's World' Is Comedic Gold

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Lights, camera, banana.

Metta World Peace's inaugural episode of Metta's World officially debuted on YouTube and was every bit as interesting as you'd expect it to be—and more.

Somewhat surprisingly, the always close-doored New York Knicks put a microphone in World Peace's hand and let him roam about their practice facility. What followed was a combination of typical World Peace behavior, with his teammates adjusting to his eccentricity on the spot.

The show starts off in normal, nothing-to-see-here fashion. World Peace asks Tyson Chandler what it takes to be a champion before venturing off into "What's the fliest thing about you?" territory.

Soon enough, things take a turn for the random.

When he's not asking J.R. Smith about his favorite tattoo, he's talking spaghetti with a pair of amused, confused children or discussing fashion with Kenyon Martin.

Pretty normal stuff, right? It's fairly tame for an MWP moment, anyway Only he wasn't done.

"What's your favorite toe?" he asked a baffled Beno Udrih.

After discussing toes and feet—Udrih's favorite toe is his big one, by the way—the far-reaching, meaningful question of bananas and their ultimate purpose was posed.

Tim Hardaway Jr. goes off on a mini-potassium tangent, but World Peace isn't satisfied. He wants to know what the yellow fruit's purpose in life is, which is weird. Obviously bananas (and banana suits) only exists to do this: 

As with all good things, World Peace's on-camera voyage came to an end. But not before he rescued Amar'e Stoudemire out of whatever dark, bottomless examination room the Knicks had stashed him in and gave him a hug.

Count me in for Episode II: Udrih's Big Toe Strikes Back.

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