Here's an in-Depth Video Breakdown of the Final Game in 'Space Jam'

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There is "good analysis," and there is "great analysis." Somewhere miles above of that there is "in-depth, surgical analysis of Space Jam," which is in a stratosphere of excellence all its own.

That final level of genius has been delivered by the good people at BBall Breakdown, who aren't above breaking down an animated contest in an alternate universe. 

It all began when Coach Nick reached out to readers for suggestions regarding a retro game breakdown, presumably hoping to analyze an '80s All-Star game or a classic Celtics/Lakers clash. Instead, he received an overwhelming response from readers calling for an in-depth take on the final game in Space Jam.

The coach heeded the call and now presents us with an entertaining and detailed walkthrough of the Tune Squad’s throwdown with the Monstars.

The video was spotted by John Ferensen of Next Impulse Sports and manages to point out some of the more nuanced infractions and strategies employed by Michael Jordan and his cartoon friends on the hardwood.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the breakdown:

“Here is the Great Western Forum where the ‘Showtime’ era Lakers played. Interestingly, there is no water near the Forum.”

“I will say that putting Lola Bunny at small forward was genius.”

“And then there were the Monstars—tiny little guys who were able to inject themselves with the talents of players like Larry Johnson, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and...Shawn Bradley?”

“The biggest issue with this game was the reffing...primarily because they only had one, and he was a martian.”

“The game threatened to get out of hand as Yosemite Sam pulls a gun on the Monstars.”

Those are just a few of the gems laid down in this brilliant piece of analysis, which covers everything from the Tune Squad’s alleged PED usage to poor court awareness on the part of Barnyard Dog. 

If there’s one takeaway, it’s this: Never let a martian referee your ballgame.


Don’t just stand there with a bullet hole in you—hustle to the locker room. 

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