Next Season's Arsenal Kit Leaked by Former Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter?

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVOctober 8, 2013

Has Arsenal's new home kit for the 2014-15 season already been leaked?

It appears possible—thanks to none other than 1992 gold medal winner sprinter Linford Christie, who tweeted a photograph of himself alongside Gunners legend Thierry Henry on Tuesday morning.

Nothing unusual about that, you might say, except that Henry was wearing a never-before-seen Arsenal kit made by sports apparel company Puma.

Arsenal signed a lucrative shirt supply contract with the German company in May, a £30m-a-year deal that runs for five years, beginning at the end of the current campaign:

The first kit will therefore be for next season, with Christie inadvertently giving us a sneak peak. The 100 metre champion at the Barcelona Olympics quickly deleted his tweet—perhaps alerted to the mistake he had made—but not before the picture had been saved.

The photograph is also notable for the appearance of Olivier Giroud—wearing an intriguing top that may or may not be among next season's training apparel—and Bacary Sagna, although whether the defender is wearing a hoodie from Puma's forthcoming casual collection or simply likes to represent his club even on his days off remains to be seen.

Linford Christie in his contact lenses, in 1996 (picture via Puma)
Linford Christie in his contact lenses, in 1996 (picture via Puma)

Christie has long had a relationship with Puma—famously sporting contact lenses with the company's logo at a press conference in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics—which is why he would perhaps have been privy to a photoshoot for the new kit.

That Atlanta stunt also opens up the possibility that this could be a clever guerilla marketing gimmick on the part of Arsenal and Puma, though.