Power Ranking Every Tag Team in the WWE Right Now

Daniel Van Boom@dvanboomAnalyst IIOctober 13, 2013

Power Ranking Every Tag Team in the WWE Right Now

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    Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
    Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

    For years the WWE has been unable to build a robust tag team division because they simply lacked teamsbut not anymore.

    The company now has a plethora of talented tag teams it can build a strong division around.

    Team Hell No rekindled the fans' interest in the art of tag team wrestling, but that interest died down following their split.

    There are now enough teams to sustain long-term interest in the division, so now is the perfect time to take a look at all of them.

    The following is a ranked list of all the WWE's active tag teams.

    Criteria for rankings includes potential impact on tag team division, in-ring skills of team and tag team chemistry. Tag teams from NXT were not included.

Teams That Didn't Make the List

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    3MB: Basically the new J.O.B. Squad, it's hard to assess the value of a team whose sole function is to get others over.

    Santino Marella and The Great Khali: Santino Marella is a fun comedic figure, and his teaming with The Great Khali and Hornswoggle is great for the younger fans, but it's hard to take them seriously as a tag team.

    Luke Harper and Eric Rowan: Luke Harper and Eric Rowan have been in tag team action on WWE television, but they act more as a part of the Wyatt Family faction rather than a tag team. 

7. Tons of Funk

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    There's no doubt about it; Matthew Bloom was flailing as Lord Tensai. Was it the best decision to pair him with Brodus Clay to make Tons of Funk? Probably not.

    It was certainly novel at first, but without a sustained push their act has worn thin, and it's hard to take them any more seriously as competitors than you would 3MB.

    There's certainly a place on the roster for the funky duo, but as of right now it's not anywhere near the Tag Team Championship belts. 

6. Los Matadores

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    In fairness to Primo and Epico, it's a little too early to properly judge the success of their repackaging into Los Matadores.

    However, what we've seen so far isn't overly inspiring.

    Their matches are gradually getting better, but it'll take a while to make fans forget their underwhelming debut.

    But again, you can't expect them to have great resonance with fans after two weeks of facing 3MB over and over again.

5. The Usos

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    The Usos have great potential as a tag team, but they've had a hard time being taken seriously.

    They show their flare and charisma with their performances in the ring, but they've yet to be given the opportunity to develop their on-screen characters.

    Most importantly, they've been fed to The Hounds of Justice too many times in the past few months.

    But still, of all the teams on this list, The Usos may be the ones who best embody the term 'dynamic duo' when it comes to in-ring performance.

    If WWE decides to give them a serious push they could be a very over midcard act.

4. The Shield

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    The Shield are an outstanding faction, but they haven't contributed a lot to the tag team division.

    Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have held the titles for just under five months, and the division has been stagnant ever since.

    Putting the titles on them may have been a mistake, simply because there is no tag team credible enough to take the gold off them.

    In saying that, the team that finally does dethrone The Shield will get a huge rub for doing so.

    Let's hope the WWE can use the momentum that team gains to reinvigorate the tag team division.

3. Prime Time Players

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    In a random move, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young recently turned babyface—and got over.

    No angle, no storyline. One day they just rocked up as faces and the fans were receptive.

    Their gimmick lends itself to crowd adoration, and their characters don't feel overdone or unrefined like some gimmick teams do.

    They appeared to have been getting a solid push a few weeks ago, getting a string of defeats over The Real Americans, but that appears to have been nixed.

    I feel like I'm on repeat saying this, but it's trueif the WWE seriously got behind this team, it could get over in a huge way.

2. The Rhodes Brothers

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    Battleground's Greatest Moment
    Battleground's Greatest Moment

    Cody Rhodes and Goldust are unarguably the hottest tag team in the WWE right now. 

    Their match stole the show at Battleground and they were in the main event of both Raw and SmackDown this week; their pairing is historically significant yet still feels fresh.

    So what keeps them back from No. 1? Goldust won't be around forever, so their value isn't exactly long term.

    Recent reports have speculated that The Bizarre One will be around until around WrestleMania XXX (F4WOnline via wrestlinginc.com). 

    How long they remain a team is uncertain, but it seems highly probable their run together will be terrific. 

1. The Real Americans

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    "We, the people!"
    "We, the people!"

    The Real Americans should be at the center of the tag team division's revival. They have everything you could want in a team.

    Antonio Cesaro is ultra talented and his star gets brighter with every giant swing, while Jack Swagger, erratic his career has been, brings credibility as a former world champion.

    Then there's Dirty Dutch Mantell, or Zeb Colter, who's super smooth on the microphone and is able to attract and maintain heat from the crowd.

    Possessing all of the various elements required to achieve success, there's no reason The Real Americans should be losing on a regular basis.

    Once a babyface team manages to wrangle the gold off The Shield, The Real Americans should be the new dominating tag team in the WWE.

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