WWE Battleground 2013: Superstars Who Must Rebound at Hell in a Cell

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 8, 2013

Paul Heyman and Ryback (from WWE.com)
Paul Heyman and Ryback (from WWE.com)

While it wasn't exactly the best WWE pay-per-view of the year—which is putting it mildly—Battleground nonetheless set the stage for Hell in a Cell later this month in Miami. There are numerous stars that will need to rebound after their losses on Sunday.

Well, R-Truth's stock has totally plummeted in recent months—hard to believe just two years ago this guy was main eventing against the likes of John Cena and The Rock and his clean loss to Curtis Axel certainly hasn't helped matters. The match itself was fine, but nothing special.

Certainly, it didn't indicate that R-Truth—or Axel, for that matter—needed to be drastically moved up to main events.

Will R-Truth rebound soon or is career now stuck permanently in the lower card?

Others disappointed in New York too. Brie Bella came up short in her attempts to pin A.J. Lee for the Divas Championship.

Nikki and Brie came up short at Battleground (from WWE.com)
Nikki and Brie came up short at Battleground (from WWE.com)

Thanks to their part in hit reality show Total Divas as well as their involvement in the Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton main event programme, Brie and her sister Nikki are very much the golden girls of WWE right now.

And yet management won't go all the way with the duo and give one of them the belt.

Possibly the creative team lacks faith in Brie's in-ring skills (and not for no reason) or feels the fans just aren't behind them (again, a valid viewpoint). But hopefully Brie and Nikki work in the upcoming weeks to improve their standing. Maybe then one of them will be rewarded with a Divas Championship run.

(With AJ's future looking precarious due to recent concussion issues, it's certainly possible that WWE will make the call to switch the title.)

In other news from Sunday's show, Kofi Kingston lost again at Battleground. But that's no surprise. When was the last time he won, anyway?

WWE fast need to turn the star heel because he's clearly gone as far as he can as a babyface. His embarrassing squash at the hands of Randy Orton on Monday's Raw only reinforced this.

And, finally, Ryback lost yet again on pay-per-view to CM Punk.

Can Ryback rebound at Hell in a Cell? (from WWE.com)
Can Ryback rebound at Hell in a Cell? (from WWE.com)

His first major match since he fought John Cena for the WWE Championship back in the spring, Ryback genuinely needed a strong performance here, which didn't really happen. Not only did he lose, the bout itself was rather mediocre.

Whether that was due to Ryback's notoriously patchy wrestling skills or Punk's ailing physical state—he really does seem beaten up lately—I can't say. But it was a setback to Ryback's career, which has already been filled with enough setbacks and booking mistakes to last a lifetime.

Presumably Ryback and Punk will clash on pay-per-view again. Maybe then the former Nexus member will be able to pick up the victory and restore at least a modicum of his lost credibility. Or will WWE finally accept that the Ryback experiment is over and have him lose to Punk?

Ideally, WWE will make up for the lackluster matches and disastrous booking of Battleground at Hell in a Cell and give some of the wrestlers mentioned a much-needed boost on the show.

Don't be too surprised if they don't, though. The current creative team seem to be going in several directions at once.