WWE Raw: Live Results, Reaction and Analysis for October 7

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2013


Welcome to Bleacher Report's live WWE Monday Night Raw coverage for October 7. Battleground is over, but WWE doesn't have any time to rest as Hell in a Cell is just three weeks away.

The conclusion to the main event at Battleground is one of the more controversial match endings in recent years, and WWE is going to have to work hard to sell Hell in a Cell after disappointing a lot of fans on Sunday.

Alberto Del Rio, AJ Lee and Curtis Axel all retained their titles, Antonio Cesaro hit the Big Swing on The Great Khali and CM Punk defeated Ryback, albeit in a less-than-clean fashion.

The big triumph from the pay-per-view was Cody Rhodes' and Goldust's victory over The Shield to win new WWE contracts. Many WWE Superstars and legends came out to congratulate the Rhodes family, but Triple H letting them sit back and enjoy the win seems unlikely.

What will Triple H and Stephanie McMahon do about Big Show's actions at Battleground?

What happens with Orton, Bryan and the WWE title now?

Will CM Punk have to answer to Paul Heyman for his low blow against Ryback?

Who will step up to challenge Alberto Del Rio next?

What matches will take place inside a cell at Hell in a Cell?

And lastly, will Vince McMahon have anything to say to his daughter and son-in-law?

Make sure to bookmark this page and come back on Monday at the start of WWE Raw for answers to all of these questions. Bleacher Report will have live coverage of all the action!


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