Predictions and Best Feuds for Big Show After Battleground

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2013

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In a moment that has fans across the globe buzzing about the conclusion of WWE's Battleground, The Big Show rushed to the ring, knocked out Daniel Bryan, crooked referee Scott Armstrong and Randy Orton, assuring that the WWE Championship remains in a state of abeyance.

With the latest chapter of his story unfolding before our eyes, there are many questions surrounding the giant's immediate future, none more interesting and intriguing than who he will feud with coming out of Sunday's event.

Taking into consideration everything that has happened to and around Big Show coming out of August's SummerSlam, the number of directions the character can go in are limited.

Just under 24 hours after the first of two October pay-per-views, here is a look at the best feuds for Big Show as well as my official prediction as to what is next for the World's Largest Athlete.


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The Shield

Big Show and The Shield have already had their fair share of run-ins, dating all the way back to WrestleMania, when Show partnered with Randy Orton and Sheamus in a losing effort against the highly talented trio.

As hired henchmen for Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon, the members of The Shield would naturally interject themselves into any situation in which Big Show needed to be taken care of.

A three-on-one handicap match may not sound like the most exciting match on the planet, but with the talent of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and a strong storyline behind it, there is no reason to believe a feud with The Shield would not prove entertaining, at the very least.

But an angle that has run for three months cannot simply be blown off in an entertaining match. Especially not after everything Big Show has been through to this point.

The culmination of his story must come against one of two major main event stars.


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Randy Orton

Big Show and Randy Orton were involved in a brief storyline earlier this spring, a storyline that stemmed from a six-man tag team loss to The Shield at WrestleMania.

Orton got the best of Show at May's Extreme Rules, but the roles were reversed and an angle between the two could still feel completely fresh and interesting.

After the Knockout Punch delivered by Big Show to Orton at Battleground, the potential feud already has a starting point, and with Orton failing to bring home the WWE title for a second consecutive month, he could really vent his frustration on a larger opponent.

The feud would most likely have to wait until after Hell in a Cell on October 27, however, as all signs point to a third pay-per-view match between Orton and Daniel Bryan, this time inside the dangerous steel structure.

Even the Orton feud would seem lackluster at this point, though.

Despite the level of stardom Randy has achieved and the wealth of championships and the outstanding success he has enjoyed throughout his career, the entire Big Show story rests on him locking horns with his primary tormentor.


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Triple H

The obvious choice for potential Big Show feuds, Triple H has spent the last two months toying with, degrading, humiliating and manipulating the giant.

He has repeatedly threatened Show's livelihood, going as far as to purchase the mortgage on his house and hold it over his head in an attempt to assure his compliance.

After his actions at Battleground, which saw him prevent Daniel Bryan from being screwed out of the WWE title for a third consecutive month, it appears as though a major showdown between the big man and the COO of the company is on the horizon.

Will Triple H once again threaten Big Show's employment, or will the World's Largest Athlete throw caution to the wind and finally deliver the Knockout Punch the entire WWE Universe has been waiting for?

The potential matches between the two could be quite interesting, especially if stipulations are added to ensure the emotional investment of the fans.

As we saw at Battleground, old-school wrestling booking still lends itself well to today's sports entertainment product. The match between the Rhodes family and The Shield was the best of the night and featured the hottest crowd of the entire show.

Imagine a scenario where Big Show's job is on the line or where he has to defeat Triple H to save his house. How about a situation where Show has to run the gauntlet to earn a match against the boss?

There are a plethora of possibilities when it comes to a potential Triple H feud, all of which would be fitting conclusions to a months-long angle.



Despite the fact that the angle has built to an eventual showdown between Big Show and Triple H and the giant finally paying back his employer for the weeks of torment he has suffered, I predict Big Show's next feud will be with Randy Orton.

With as much time that has been invested in Big Show over the last three months, even more has been invested in Daniel Bryan. For the Aberdeen native to ever be truly accepted as the new face of WWE, he has to defeat Triple H to show his worth.

That means there is no room for a Big Show-Triple H match.

I predict that after Bryan wins the WWE title at Hell in a Cell and ends his feud with Orton, he takes on Triple H at Survivor Series.

This frees Orton up to face Big Show in a series of matches that will allow Big Show to work out some of his frustrations and, at the same time, continue to showcase the return of the vicious and violent Apex Predator.