Is the Door Now Open for Fernando Martinez?

ed feverCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 23:  Fernando Martinez of the New York Mets poses during photo day at Tradition Field on February 23, 2009 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

In March of 2008, reported that the Mets brass felt Fernando Martinez could be ready for the majors by 2009.

The 20 year old, left handed outfielder has been slowed from such a rapid assent by injuries, but is still considered the top prospect in the organization and a five tool prospect.

In his first full season at AAA, F-Mart is hitting .287 in 143 at bats, with a .552 Slg. Pct. and a .340 OBP. He has seven home runs, 13 doubles and 23 RBI. Two of his homeruns came the other day off Clay Buchholz who has a 1.60 ERA and is expected in the Boston rotation at some point this season.

When Angel Pagan was recalled, many Mets' fans were clamouring for Fernando Martinez to be promoted. David Lennon of Newsday clarified the organizations position...

Bernazard also explained why Angel Pagan was called up to replace Delgado and not Fernando Martinez. The Mets are waiting to promote Martinez until they can be assured of giving him regular playing time. "If we call up a 20-year-old kid," Bernazard said, "he should be able to play every day." source Newsday

With Jerry Manuel's declaration that Church and Sheffield are his starting corner outfielders, and Murphy is in a make-it-or-break-it situation at first base, it appears the door may have opened for F-Mart.

Now that the Murphy in left field experiment is over, I can't see 40 year old Gary Sheffield being a starter for an entire season and I'll be surprised if Murphy is ready to start at first base.

I can see Murphy being sent to AAA to develop as a first baseman and the Mets trading for a first baseman. With a starting first baseman, they could then return Sheffield to the bench and promote Martinez for the left field job.