What's Next for CM Punk, Ryback and Paul Heyman After Battleground?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 9, 2013

What's Next for CM Punk, Ryback and Paul Heyman After Battleground?

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    The feud between CM Punk and Paul Heyman officially began at Money in the Bank when Heyman turned on Punk and cost him his third MITB win.

    Punk has fought Brock Lesnar, Curtis Axel and Ryback throughout this storyline, and now that he has defeated Ryback, a lot of people will be speculating on what comes next for these men.

    Even though we have seen three PPV matches during this feud, there is still some life left in the Punk vs. Heyman storyline. Punk has faced three different WWE Superstars during this feud, so it's not as if any particular combination of Punk and a "Heyman Guy" has been exhausted.

    Punk made it clear on Monday that he will fight anyone, any time, but we still don't have an official match for Hell in a Cell yet.

    Hell in a Cell is less than three weeks away, and WWE has plenty of options when it comes to the Punk/Heyman saga. This slideshow will look at three possible directions WWE could go with this angle.

Punk vs. Ryback One More Time

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    Ryback and Heyman will obviously try to use the fact that Punk won with a low blow to their advantage in claiming Ryback deserves a rematch. You can probably see where I am going from here.

    Brad Maddox (or Triple H) comes out and says both men have valid claims, and the only answer is a match at Hell in a Cell. This pushes the feud for another PPV, and it allows Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton to have one more title match inside a cell where nobody can get involved like we saw at Battleground.

    Paul Heyman is not going to sit silently and allow Punk to walk away with a dirty win. The finish to that match was clearly done to allow for another month of promos and matches from Punk and Heyman.

    Punk and Ryback had a decent match at Battleground. Punk carried the load, but Ryback contributed more than a lot of his haters would be willing to admit. Another match between them wouldn't be such a bad thing.

    The funny thing would be the fact that we had this match at last year's HIAC PPV, with Heyman in Punk's corner and the title on the line. Odds are good that we won't see them inside the cell again, but you never know what WWE is thinking. Maybe we will.

Punk and a Partner vs. Axel and Ryback at HIAC

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    CM Punk has been in singles matches and a handicap match during this feud. A tag match of some kind seems like a very possible next step in this feud.

    If Axel and Truth continue their struggle, WWE could pair up Truth and Punk to take on the "Heyman Guys," maybe even inside a cell. Usually it is title matches that get the cell at HIAC, but it is not a rule.

    The problem with this kind of move is that it would be too obvious that WWE had run out of other good ideas for this feud. Punk partnering up with Truth at HIAC, despite happening on Monday, is very unlikely given their spots on the roster, but we could see him in a situation where he gets to choose a partner.

    Then again, Truth is on the PPV poster for HIAC. If WWE is planning to push him again then teaming him up with Punk at a PPV would certainly up his exposure level quite a bit.

    Punk and Heyman can sell this feud for a while longer, but the same combinations of singles matches won't do the trick. WWE has done a good job keeping this feud fresh, and there are only going to be so many ways to do that from here forward.

The Return of Brock Lesnar

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    The problem with this is that Lesnar is probably not going to return until at least the Royal Rumble. He only has so many PPV matches on his contract, and WWE might not want to use one for a B-level PPV just a couple months after he appeared at SummerSlam.

    But the possibility is still there. WWE may feel the need to bring him back this early if they see HIAC being a hard sell with fans after the backlash Battleground saw due to the false finish in the WWE title match.

    Another Punk vs. Brock match is almost a guarantee if the feud with Punk and Heyman continues through to 2014, but for now they need to worry about HIAC, and a match with Lesnar would certainly be a huge bonus for the PPV that comes just three weeks after the last one, which was only three after the one before that.

    Being a WWE fan can get expensive in the fall.

    What do you want to see next in the ongoing program involving CM Punk and Paul Heyman?


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