WWE Battleground: Rhodes Family Officially Back to Work

Bill Ivie Jr@poisonwilliamContributor IIIOctober 7, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE.com
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WWE Battleground had a few interesting storylines and some strong moments.  The matches were well put together and kept the crowd fired up throughout.  The most compelling of the stories, and possibly the focal point of the show that will carry us forward, was the Rhodes family.

After almost a month of torture at the hands of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, Cody Rhodes was given yet another chance to regain his employment.  He would join his brother in the ring with their father at ringside to take on the WWE Tag Team Champions.  If the Rhodes brothers could win, they and their father would have a job.  If they lose, they were officially done with the WWE.

That stipulation may have made the outcome fairly predictable.  What it did not do, was prepare the crowd for the great match these performers would put together.  Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes and Goldust put together a great wrestling match that told a great story.  Fans were perched on the edge of their seats, confident that they knew the final result but nervous that they would be wrong.  The phenomenal work of Dusty Rhodes and Dean Ambrose outside the ring only added to the drama and tension of the match inside the ring.

In the end, the Rhodes family would embrace in the ring victorious over The Shield.  The WWE roster would greet the legendary family at the top of the ramp and congratulate them on their return to the fold.

Now what?

It has long been a goal of Goldust to return to WWE to have an epic feud with his brother.  He even challenged his brother to what he referred to as his "dream match" through social media last year:

My dream match http://t.co/GKpvprXP !!!!!! #goldievscodywm29

— GOLDUST (@DUSTIN_RHODES1) July 17, 2012


Goldust has since said that he is no longer interested in the match with his brother, according to Lords of Pain and the Monday Night Mayhem Podcast.  

It could take place in the foreseeable future or whenever, you never know what is going to happen in the WWE. But, I'll say that I don't want that anymore.

Whether or not Goldust still wants the feud, the build up, which could easily culminate at Wrestlemania, almost writes itself.

The logical conclusion here is to have the Rhodes brothers chase after the one thing The Shield holds most dear, the Tag Team Championships.  WWE has tried repeatedly to give fans a tag team division they can get behind and have failed to produce any team with near the momentum that the Rhodes brothers have going for them at this point.

The brothers can chase after the Tag Team Championship for a month or two before finally overcoming The Shield and winning the belts.  After winning the belts, the brothers can show a bit of disdain for each other knowing that they never truly got along and it was only the fight for Cody's job that brought them together.  A heel turn for either of the boys at Royal Rumble can set the stage for a match at Wrestlemania capable of stealing the show.

The Rhodes family has suddenly given us a story outside of the Daniel Bryan chase to invest ourselves in.  If built correctly and slowly, the people involved can develop this captivating bit of storytelling into a long arch with a very large payoff for all involved.

If it means I get to see another bionic elbow real soon, I'm all for it.

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