Green Bay Packers: What You Need to Know Heading into Week 6

Matt SteinCorrespondent IIOctober 8, 2013

Clay Matthews' injury is going to have a huge impact on Week 6 for the Green Bay Packers.
Clay Matthews' injury is going to have a huge impact on Week 6 for the Green Bay Packers.Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

While Sunday's win in Week 5 over the Detroit Lions wasn't a great win for the Green Bay Packers, it was still a much-needed win for a team that has struggled out of the gate.

Now, the Packers will turn their attention to Week 6 and a road matchup with the Baltimore Ravens. It will be one of the biggest matchups across the NFL, as both the Packers and Ravens look like legitimate title contenders.

Let's take a look at what you need to know heading into Week 6 of the season.


Division Standings

With a win Sunday and a loss from the Chicago Bears and Lions, the Packers now have the same number of losses as the two teams currently in front of them in the division standings.

Heading into Week 6, there is no doubt the Packers have the hardest matchup this week. While the Ravens haven't quite played up to expectations this season (they are 3-2), they are still defending Super Bowl champions with loads of talent on both sides of the ball.

If the Packers win this game, there is a good chance the entire NFC North goes undefeated in Week 6.


Injury Report

The biggest concern here is obviously Clay Matthews. As Adam Schefter of reported, it's likely Matthews will be missing a good chunk of time:

The fact that the Packers have so many linebackers injured right now is going to significantly impact this defense. With Matthews, Brad Jones and Robert Francois injured, the Packers will now have to rely on A.J. Hawk, Nick Perry, Mike Neal and Jamari Lattimore at linebacker.

The good news from this week is the absence of Morgan Burnett's name on the injury report. He played against the Detroit Lions in Week 5 and was a big reason the secondary had so much success.

It'd still be nice to see the Packers healthier than they have been this season, but it seems like every time they get a player back, another one gets injured.

What Must Improve

As crazy as this may sound, it appears as if the Packers need to improve their consistency in the passing game heading into this game with the Ravens.

Green Bay left a number of big plays on the field in its game against the Lions. Part of that was the fault of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and part was the fault of his receivers.

The Packers have struggled through the air in two straight games. In Week 3 against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Packers couldn't seem to get their passing game into rhythm.

Fortunately, Green Bay has had incredible success on the ground in recent weeks. While the offensive balance is certainly nice, this team is built to be one of the best passing teams in the league.

It hasn't acted like it in the past two games, however. The passing game will need to get back on track quickly if the Packers want to have success against Baltimore this week.