Tottenham: 20 Most Spectacular Goals in the Premier League Era

James Barnes@@JBarnesyyFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2013

Tottenham: 20 Most Spectacular Goals in the Premier League Era

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    Danny Rose smashes a volley past the helpless Manuel Almunia.
    Danny Rose smashes a volley past the helpless Manuel Almunia.Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

    White Hart Lane has been blessed by a wealth of remarkable goals since the Premier League’s inception in 1992.

    This feature serves as a celebration of these standout moments: from Jurgen Klinsmann's searing overhead kick against Everton, to Gareth Bale’s marauding effort at Carrow Road last season.

    Inevitably, this collage of highlights is weighted towards the last decade—such is the difficulty in procuring footage for matches played pre-2000.

    With that in mind, let’s enjoy a selection of the best from the Lily Whites.

    (Thanks go to the TheFightingCock forum members: BoxBat, SpursLegend, abbey yid, Tucker and Oh FFS).

Jurgen Klinsmann vs. Everton (1994/95)

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    Arguably, this belter from Jurgen Klinsmann is the finest of the lot.

    The audacity to attempt an overhead kick is one thing; possessing the innate skill to execute it with such aplomb is another thing altogether.

Stephen Carr vs. Sunderland (1999/2000)

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    This Stephen Carr effort proves that there are few sights in football more satisfying than a keeper hopelessly back-pedalling as a perfectly judged chip sails over his head.

Willem Korsten vs. Manchester United (1999/2000)

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    Willem Korsten takes full advantage of an inadequately punched clearance from the Manchester United keeper, by teeing up an exquisite left-footed volley.

Stephen Carr vs Manchester United (2000/01)

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    There’s a real aesthetic beauty to this unwavering, gun-barrel straight shot from Stephen Carr; from the moment the ball left his right peg the net was destined to ripple.

Christian Ziege vs. Arsenal (2002/03)

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    Every ‘top 20 goals’ list needs a cracking free-kick, and this strike from Christian Ziege certainly fulfils the remit.

    Be sure to watch this video until its conclusion—the camera angle from behind the goal really emphasises the wicked movement Ziege manages to impart on the ball.

Stephane Dalmat vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers (2003/04)

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    Stephane Dalmat’s fleeting association with English football was defined by this Gareth Bale-esque effort, as he cuts in from the right flank, ghosts past two hapless Wolves defenders, and fires an unstoppable shot into the top corner.

Mauricio Taricco vs. Leeds United (2003/04)

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    Mauricio Taricco’s missile against Leeds United was one of those strikes that would probably still be rising today, had the net not been there to cushion its ascent.

Frederic Kanoute vs Everton (2003/04)

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    It's a shame that Frederic Kanoute never fulfilled his obvious potential at Tottenham—potential encapsulated by sublime goals such as this.

Erik Edman vs. Liverpool (2004/05)

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    Erik Edman’s one and only goal for Spurs is a veritable scorcher.

    Afforded the space to shoot from 40 yards, Edman dutifully obliges, stunning the Anfield crowd into silence.

Tom Huddlestone vs. Manchester City (2006/07)

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    The way in which Tom Huddlestone effortlessly caresses this on-the-rise half-volley into the goal is testament to his innate technical skill.

Paul Robinson vs. Watford (2006/07)

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    A keeper scoring from deep inside his own half—enough said.

Dimitar Berbatov vs. Charlton Athletic (2006/07)

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    Three reasons why this goal is awesome:

    • The glorious touch that redirects the ball into Berbatov’s path.
    • The pace and strength Berbatov exhibits to fend off the defender’s resistance.
    • The pinpoint side-footed finish into the bottom corner.

    (Apologies for the less-than-stellar video quality).

Tom Huddlestone vs. Bolton Wanderers (2009/10)

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    Tom Huddlestone was an infrequent scorer during his 8-year spell at Spurs; nevertheless, when he did find his range, it was invariably a screamer.

Danny Rose vs. Arsenal (2009/10)

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    There can be no better way to endear yourself to the White Hart Lane faithful than to score against Arsenal in the North London derby.

    Danny Rose could hang up his Tottenham boots tomorrow and he’d still warrant a place in Spurs’ folklore—courtesy of this technically immaculate volley.

Gareth Bale vs. Stoke City (2010/11)

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    Suspend your understanding of human physiology for a moment, and marvel at the ridiculous angle of Gareth Bale’s leg as he unleashes a ferocious volley into the top corner.

Luka Modric vs. Bolton Wanderers (2011/12)

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    This exquisite half-volley from the diminutive Croatian had just the right amount of swerve on it to take it tantalisingly out of reach of the keeper’s grasps.

Kyle Walker vs. Blackburn Rovers (2011/12)

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    Hands up if you were aware (prior to this encounter with Blackburn) that Kyle Walker had a free-kick as venomous as this sequestered away in his locker.


Emmanuel Adebayor vs Chelsea (2012/13)

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    Emmanuel Adebayor showed real signs of regaining some semblance of form in the final throes of the 2012/13 campaign.

    This gorgeous curling effort capped of a fine performance at Stamford Bridge.

Gareth Bale vs. Norwich City (2012/13)

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    Marauding runs through the heart of an opposing team's rearguard are somewhat of a forte for Gareth Bale—and they don’t get much better than this.

Gareth Bale vs. West Ham (2012/13)

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    In a breakthrough season littered with extraordinary strikes, this goal was the pick of the bunch.

    As Gary Neville says in the video: “you can’t analyse this… this is just individual talent, skill, power and strength.”