My Take On The Mets Problem at First Base

Nick CarloAnalyst IIMay 20, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 26:  Carlos Delgado #21 of the New York Mets walks off the field in between innings during their game against the Washington Nationals on April 26, 2009 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

As of now, all us Mets fans have heard that, first baseman, Carlos Delgado is going to be out with an injury for around ten weeks.  With that news there are many people saying what the Mets should do with their roster. 

Everybody's opinion differs.  I believe that the Mets should stay in the organization.  To me, there's no reason to trade away right now. 

Some of the biggest names for the Mets to get outside of the organization are, Russel Branyan, Nick Johnson, and Aubrey Huff.

My favorite out of those three is Huff.  Huff is a great player who can fill that spot very well.  My least favorite is Branyan, even though he's off to a pretty hot start.  I wish him the best, but I highly doubt his numbers will keep coming the way they are now.

That leaves the Nationals' first baseman, Nick Johnson.  I have always had a strong hate for Nick Johnson, I don't know why it just happened.  But now, that doesn't matter.  I'm actually starting to like him a little bit more.  The only problem with him is that he's always injured.  That's why we have this hole at first, Nick's a great player, but he gets injured too often.

What I think the Mets should do is put Daniel Murphy at first base, just to see what he can do there.  I understand that Jerry Manuel just wants him to get adjusted to left field, but in this situation you have to try anything.  If it doesn't work out with Murphy, the Mets can stick with the platoon of Jeremy Reed and Fernando Tatis.

Both players Reed and Tatis, have impressed me. They both have also made some bonehead mistakes, ones that may have cost the Mets the game. It isn't necessarily their fault, as long as they can play the position solidly and improve as the season progresses.  It would also be nice if they could get some strong at bats as well.

Back to Murphy, I strongly believe that Murphy has the ability to play at least some first base.  If he does his worst enemy would be himself.  He has to be positive, it's all a mind game with him, and many other young players.  If Murphy thinks positive, I promise you he will be a good first baseman.

Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya must handle this problem extremely carefully.  If they don't have to go outside of the organization they shouldn't.  The Mets have plenty of talent to put out there at first base, they just have to play all the right cards, and some times that can be very tough.