Tennessee Titans: 5 Potential Landing Spots for Kenny Britt

Daniel BarnesCorrespondent IIIOctober 7, 2013

Tennessee Titans: 5 Potential Landing Spots for Kenny Britt

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    Everyone knew coming into the season that the Titans were deep at receiver. Between returning starters Kendall Wright, Kenny Britt and Nate Washington, rookie Justin Hunter, free-agent add-on Kevin Walter and preseason star Michael Preston, it looked like they may not have enough room on the roster for all of the talent.

    Then, when the season started and Britt never really got rolling, it started to look like the Titans didn't really need him.

    Then things were made even more touchy by Britt's tweet, which implied that he had no plans to return to Tennessee in his upcoming free-agent season.

    So, because he isn't being utilized, doesn't plan on staying in Tennessee and because the Titans are missing a third-round pick already, trading away Britt seems to make a lot of sense.

    Were the Titans to try to deal the receiver, where could he land? Here are five potential landing spots.

1. New England

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    The Patriots could really use another receiver. They lost Wes Welker in free agency, Danny Amendola to injury and they don't even have tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski to throw to, either.

    The Patriots are still a good team. After all, they're 4-1, but they barely beat out traditional divisional punching bags New York and Buffalo, then lost this week to the Bengals, so they aren't exactly looking invincible, either.

    Bill Belichick has taken chances with problem players before, and the Pats usually end up getting the best out of them. Just look at Aqib Talib.

    Kenny Britt could give the Patriots that extra offensive piece they need to get back on track and compete for a deep playoff run.

    Besides, Belichick has always been willing to wheel and deal players and draft picks in the past. There's no reason to think he wouldn't at least be interested.

2. Seattle

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    Now that the Seahawks have come off of a near-loss to the Texans and a loss to the Colts, they may also not be as confident as they once were about how good of a team they are.

    The Seahawks play in the same division as the 49ers and currently only have a one-game lead over their rivals. Their defense is fantastic, but where they could really use a boost is offense.

    The Seahawks just dropped receiver Stephen Williams to make room for Bruce Irvin, so right now, they're even thinner at receiver than they were before.

    The Seahawks would likely be willing to part with a mid- to late-round pick if they thought it was the difference between NFC champion and Super Bowl champion. Britt could be a decent stopgap until Percy Harvin is ready to return.

3. Detroit

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    The Lions surprised a lot of people this season with a 3-2 start that includes an impressive win over the then-unbeaten Chicago Bears. They have the best receiver in the league in Calvin Johnson, but across from him, they don't have much.

    If nothing else, Britt is better than what they could find in the middle to late rounds of the draft, and with head coach Jim Schwartz likely feeling some heat after last season, they're a team that wants to win now.

    With Calvin Johnson taking up most of the defense's concentration, it would free up Britt to get a lot more single coverage with second and third corners, so the Lions could probably benefit from having him around.

    Besides, the Lions have shown no hesitation in drafting players with off-the-field issues before, and Schwartz and Mike Munchak did spend several years on the same coaching staff. If anyone would be willing to deal with the Titans, it'd be Schwartz.

4. San Francisco

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    Jim Harbaugh seems to be a no-nonsense coach, and after the problems with Aldon Smith, he may not be willing to trade for a receiver who hasn't had a great season and who could be trouble off the field.

    However, the 49ers are playing catchup to the Seahawks right now, are pretty thin at receiver and have the luxury of a ton of draft picks they won't use. Their roster is strong and deep, and they already have extra second- and third-round picks already.

    Realistically, something like a sixth-round pick has no value for San Francisco, so why wouldn't they be willing to toss one out there to snag a potentially game-changing receiver?

    The worst case for the 49ers would be losing a late-round pick, which they'd likely have used on a player who wouldn't make the roster anyway.

5. St. Louis

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    Like the 49ers, the Rams have a lot of picks in the upcoming draft, and like the Lions, their head coach has a history with Mike Munchak and company.

    The Rams are playing horribly right now, and they have to be wondering if it's time to replace Sam Bradford. Bradford has been without a lot of help for most of his career, but with several high picks used on receivers recently, he's running out of excuses.

    However, if the Rams are going to replace Bradford, they probably want to be sure he's a lost cause, and if not, they can use their two first-round selections to improve the rest of their team.

    They can afford to throw away a late-rounder, and Jeff Fisher was the coach of the Titans when Britt was drafted anyway. He may still see something in Britt worth keeping.


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    I don't think the Titans are likely to trade Britt at all, really. They don't need him around right now, but if a receiver like Kendall Wright or Justin Hunter were to go down, the Titans would suddenly find themselves needing a deep threat.

    More problematically, Britt has a total of one reception for nine yards in the past three weeks. He's struggled with drops all season and is still not fully healed from his rib injury.

    Even a team like San Francisco who probably won't value their late-round picks probably wouldn't throw out more than a sixth-rounder for him.

    Munchak is already coaching for his job, so the value of a future sixth-round pick probably isn't enough to get him to trade away Britt.

    That said, if the Titans were to try to trade Britt, I do think San Francisco would be the most likely destination. They could use the help at receiver, and they could give up next to nothing in their eyes to get him.

    If he played at all, he could be the difference-maker in the next 49ers-Seahawks matchup, and that by itself is worth the small risk that Britt would come with.