WWE Battleground Predictions: Big Plans Ahead for R-Truth in Near Future?

Luis CamposAnalyst IOctober 6, 2013


There's much to be said about R-Truth's almost 13-year on-and-off tenure with WWE—unfortunately not many of those things are favorable. Despite having a significant push in 2011, R-Truth now remains in a position it appears he was destined for—a support role to put other talent over. 

Ron Killings (R-Truth's real name) has made a livelihood from making other guys look good, and ever since his professional wrestling debut in 1997, he has been one of the best at doing so. 

Even so, the WWE periodically seems to throw its veteran wrestler the proverbial "bone." 

In WWE, Killings is a two-time Hardcore champion, as well as a one-time United States champion—the latest title he held was the Tag Team Championship, which he held alongside Kofi Kingston in 2012. 

R-Truth's latest attempt to chase WWE gold is against the current intercontinental champion, Curtis Axel, and while many expect Axel to come over as the bigger man at the end of the night during their match at Battleground, WWE may have other plans for R-Truth. 

Earlier this week, it debuted a YouTube video in which the 41-year-old superstar shared the significant moments of his career with WWE. The video may not seem like a important thing—after all, it is not uncommon for WWE to promote upcoming matches using such material—but the upcoming promotional material for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view found on indemand.com points to big things in R-Truth's future. 

The material shows R-Truth as the poster boy for the next WWE PPV. Not only that, but the indemand.com promotional material also features a video in which R-Truth hypes up the upcoming PPV. 

Again, it is not uncommon for WWE to utilize its talent to promote its PPVs, but the resurgence of R-Truth materials on WWE media may be a sign of the superstar's return to the main event scene. 

Of note is R-Truth's corporate attire in the Hell in a Cell promotional material. With WWE currently in the middle of its "Best for Business" storyline, maybe R-Truth will be the next "face of the company." It's not an expected move for WWE, but that may just be what makes it all the more interesting. 


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