WWE Battleground 2013: Today Is Judgment Day for Creative

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistOctober 6, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

WWE Battleground is judgment day for WWE Creative. 

Judgment day doesn't mean finality is needed but directions must be identified. Night of Champions saw most of the major story lines all stay in the same position. That's not to say the show was bad or not entertaining. It just wasn't a must-watch.

The disqualification ending to the World Heavyweight Championship match and the WWE Championship becoming vacant didn't provide any value to the show. It didn't confirm to those who ordered why they did or make those who didn't order upset.

This can't happen again. You must keep a value level and importance to pay-per-views, especially when you have three in an eight-week span—the third being at the end of the month. 

I love storytelling, and I love when one story ends and another begins. I hate those who want all the payoffs for everything immediately. This isn't needed, but layers and chapters to the story must be added.

WWE Creative is in an interesting era. They have no John Cena to rely on. We aren't hearing reports of Vince McMahon insisting on massive, last-minute changes to television scripts. We aren't hearing as many creative spoilers get leaked coming off of the publicized story of someone leaking information on a message board. 

All of this makes me think: perhaps WWE knows what they are doing. They aren't shooting from the hip every night but have a well-thought-out plan.

Tonight's performance will be a good gauge of how prepared WWE creative is in terms of where they want to take these stories or if they are just going to give us more vague endings with minimal progression.

Do the Rhodes brothers get their jobs back? Can it end with just that or does there need to be an element of surprise with one turning on the other?

Does Damien Sandow cash-in Money in the Bank? Alberto Del Rio needs to not hold the title anymore. Rob Van Dam seems to be taking time off. Wouldn't a Sandow cash-in be perfectly timed now?

Where does Ricardo Rodriguez go? I could see him being a personal assistant to Sandow and turning on RVD since he's on his way out. 

What in the world is next for Dolph Ziggler? Does WWE even care? 

Bray Wyatt has been in neutral ever since taking Kane hostage. Weeks have been filled with always entertaining promos, but a new chapter must begin with Wyatt. Perhaps Kane appears as a new member of the family? Maybe a new plan is unveiled regarding Wyatt's intentions. 

Paul Heyman Guys need some wins. Axel needs to remind us why he is important. Ryback can't lose his first pay-per-view match in service for Paul Heyman. How much longer can CM Punk and Heyman feud? What would be next for all parties?

The twins are normally a package deal, but Brie is getting all the shine. She's been in the ring performing while her sister is injured. She is the one crying over her real-life fiancé in the story lines while her sister's boyfriend is taking time off. Does Brie Bella play a factor in the WWE Championship match? 

Is she a factor or is it the Big Show? What about the fired referee, Scott Armstrong? What about Vince McMahon who has disappeared for a few weeks? A lot of questions surround supporting cast members who could get involved between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

One thing that's for sure is Bryan shouldn't win the title. Let the chase continue, but it has to be for a different reason. He can't win again and then get stripped of the title. Another curve ball must be thrown. It builds the anticipation and grows the story. The money is in the chase. Keep the chase going.

Many questions and possibilities for WWE tonight. Forget calling it Battleground and bring back Judgment Day because that's what this is.

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