Georgia vs. Tennessee: 10 Things We Learned in the Bulldogs' Win

Brian Jones@Brian_L_JonesContributor IOctober 6, 2013

Georgia vs. Tennessee: 10 Things We Learned in the Bulldogs' Win

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    To say the Georgia Bulldogs almost let the game slip away would be an understatement. To say the two teams left everything on the field would also be an understatement. 

    It was not an easy or pretty win for the Bulldogs, but they found a way to win, which is all that matters. 

    In the long run, it's a good thing the Bulldogs had a game like this. It shows they can fight though adversity and can overcome anything thrown their way. 

    That said, they have a lot of work to do before they face Missouri next week. 

    Here's 10 things we learned in the Bulldogs' win vs. Tennessee. 

Aaron Murray Could Be the Best QB in the Country

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    If you look at Aaron Murray's stats against the Vols, it wasn't his best game. He had three big touchdowns including the game-tying TD to Rantavious Wooten with five seconds left in the game. 

    Murray has played well all season long, and despite the injuries with his skill players, the offense is still playing at a high level because of the play of Murray. 

    His 57-yard run in the game might be one of the plays that we'll look back on and say that was the reason they won the SEC.


J.J. Green Can Carry the Load

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    Hats off to J.J. Green, who had to replace an injured Keith Marshall. 

    The freshman running back rushed for 129 yards on 17 carries. 

    The play of Green shows that losing Marshall, as well as Todd Gurley, is not a huge loss. They will need the two players to make a run at the SEC title, but Green is capable carrying the load if needed. 

Chris Conley Is the No. 1 Receiver

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    Chris Conley really separated himself as the top receiver for the Bulldogs. 

    The junior had five catches for 64 yards and a nice one-handed touchdown grab.

    With injuries to Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Bennett and Justin Scott-Wesley, Conley is now the go-to guy.

    And based on the way he's played this season, he is capable handling those duties. 

Murray Can Still Run

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    Going back to Murray, he showed that he can run the ball if he needs to. 

    On the final play of the third quarter, Murray had a 57-yard run which led to a score for the Bulldogs.

    He ran a little bit his freshman year, but steered away from it the last two seasons. 

    With that run, which is the longest in his career, he shows that he is a guy who can get the job done on the ground. 

Marshall Morgan Is Dangerous

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    After a rough freshman season, Marshall Morgan is starting to come into his own.

    Not only did he kick the game-winning FG in overtime, he nailed a 57-yard field goal early in the game to give the Bulldogs the 10-0 lead.

    The more reps Morgan gets, the better he becomes. He's just another piece to the Bulldogs' offensive puzzle, which has been giving defenses fits all season long. 

Watch out for Ray Drew

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    Don't look now, but Ray Drew, who was a 5-star prospect a couple years ago, is starting to emerge. 

    He had two sacks in the win against the Vols and was constantly putting pressure on Tennessee quarterback Justin Worley. 

    Drew had a great spring and fall practice. It's good to see his hard work is paying off. 

The Secondary Is Still Learning

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    The Georgia secondary went up against a Tennessee passing offense that was entering the game ranked last in the conference. 

    But Worley was able to throw for 215 yards and one score.

    That is not a lot of yards, but some of the throws Worley was able to make were on 3rd-and-long situations.

    The secondary is still young and still has a lot of work to do to improve. The Bulldogs will have another challenge next week when they face James Franklin and Missouri. 

The Defense Has to Step It Up

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    It's not just the secondary that has to play better. The entire defense struggled in this game which is why the game had to go into overtime.

    The group gave up over 400 yards the entire game and 28 points in the second half. 

    There was poor tackling, missed assignments and lack of execution in the second half. The defense has talented players, but as a group, it's not clicking yet. 

There Are Still Issues with the Special Teams

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    This is going to be something that might hurt this team moving forward if they don't get it corrected. 

    One of the reasons the game was tied at the end of regulation, or even close for that matter, was the play of the special teams. 

    Tennessee first tied the game in the third quarter after the Vols blocked a punt. 

    They tied the game again in the fourth after the Vols converted a fourth-down play. That was possible, thanks to a penalty on the Bulldogs' punt return team which put the Vols in a 4th-and-short situation instead of 4th-and-5.

    They have dodged the bullet, so far, when it comes to special teams play, but it will bite them soon if it's not corrected. 

This Is a Resilient Group

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    No matter how bad things may look, the Bulldogs seem to find a way to win. 

    Tennessee had all the momentum at the end of the game. But nobody on the Bulldogs sideline was nervous because they have been through this before.

    They kept fighting until the very end and made the plays they needed to.

    It was the same situation against South Carolina, and it as the same situation against LSU. Georgia finds ways to win which is why the Bulldogs are the best team in the SEC.