Who Let The Dawg Out? Vick Released From Prison

Greg RiotAnalyst IMay 20, 2009

RICHMOND, VA - JULY 26:  Escorted by U.S. marshals, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick leaves the federal courthouse following his arraignment July 26, 2007 in Richmond, Virginia. Vick and three associates were indicted earlier this month on charges related to their alleged role in an interstate dogfighting ring.  (Photo by Haraz N. Ghanbari-Pool/Getty Images)

Line-up the PETA activists, the humane society, the hippies, and the Atlanta betting investors who lost boat loads on Michael Vick’s ignorance and ineptitude. Michael “Ron Mexico / The Dog Anti-Whisperer” Vick was released from a Kansas prison and returned to Virginia where he will serve a two-year sentence of home confinement. While Vick remains hopeful that he can wipe his debts and his slate clean by “atoning for his sins,” there are many out there that don’t want to see it happen.

There is one guy standing in Vick’s return to the NFL, which would essentially provide Vick the financial needs he requires to escape his current state of bankruptcy. That man is Roger Godell, who has reiterated time and again that the one thing that Vick will need to show is genuine remorse, and NFL commissioner will consider giving Vick the right to don the NFL uniform he absolutely disgraced.

Many idiots and experts are polarized on the Vick issue. The dog lovers out there never want to see this guy enjoy any form of success ever again. The NFL fanatics out there want to see the unique 29-year old burn NFL defenses and toss interceptions again. Who’s on the right on this one?

Nobody is. The dog lovers out there are crucifying a man that spearheaded on operation that mimics thousands of rings around the world. The NFL followers are stupid to jeopardize the integrity of the game by allowing a man who knowingly and willingly assaulted innocent animals just because he thinks it's exciting.

Vick doesn’t regret what he did. He regrets being caught. He’s not looking to prove his innocence; that time is long gone. He’s looking for a paycheck. Yet, that isn’t stopping legions of fans to lobby for his NFL return. What’s even more stunning is that GMs and owners are lining up to hand him a paycheck.

Why? Why?!

Sure Vick is a one-of-a-kind talent. But, unlike other league malcontents such as Terrell Owens, Vick’s behavior is abhorrent. It’s not like this is his first offense. This guy was caught handing out STDs to women under the moniker of “Ron Mexico” a few years back. This guy is the farthest thing from a class act that there is! He used the dog fighting ring to make a quick buck, and now he’s doing the exact same thing to the NFL.

Whether you’re a fan of dogs, the Falcons, the NFL, or football is inconsequential to this argument. Whether you’re a betting maniac who wants to see him sign in Oakland or Minnesota doesn’t matter. Some people deserve second chances (read: Donte Stallworth). Some don’t. Guess which one Vick is.

This article was supposed to be about Vick’s best fit in the NFL. You want the short version? Fine. Oakland Raiders—they’re run by a completely senile old man who is on the brink of imploding any day now, and who’s looking for a guy to throttle the Raiders’ lowly Superbowl Championship hopes into the spotlight. They have the money, they have the fans, and they have the “we don’t care about the league’s mandates” attitude. It makes sense if you don’t consider how awful it will make the league look.

Vick is not a good guy who did a bad thing. He’s a miscreant and a cheat who’s trying to pry his way back in to the NFL because it’s the easiest way to climb out of the financial pitfall in which he is mired. To say that the NFL needs Vick is absurd. The NFL doesn’t need anyone. Peyton Manning could retire this minute and move to Tahiti with Tom Brady and the league would find new heroes. What the NFL doesn’t need is the return of old villains.