What Will Vick's Role Be? A Look at Every Team, Seriously All Of Them

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What Will Vick's Role Be? A Look at Every Team, Seriously All Of Them
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The conversations on Michael Vick at this point appear to be endless, well I am going to try to help them by writing this article. In this article as the title explains I will go over every single team in the NFL and explain what role he would play for them. Now these roles are based on current personal of the teams and the coaching of that team that is all. 

NFC South:

Atlanta Falcons: Michael Vick would be a cheerleader for the Falcons and would have to hand out apologies instead of autographs. Vick would also be in-charge of Matt Ryan's laundry. Odds of Vick Joining this team: NONE

Carolina Panthers: Vick would compete with for the starting quarterback job and would probably end up winning it after Delhomme throws four picks in a game. Vick although inconsistent provides more big plays then Jake Delhomme and can make plays when the play breaks down. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Minimum 

New Orleans Saints: Vick would compete for a wide receiver spot and would be put on the field with Reggie Bush as much as possible to create amazing mismatches. Drew Brees is arguably the best Qb in the NFL so giving him another weapon like Vick could only help the offense. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Minimum

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Vick would start at quarterback for the Bucs from day one. He would teach Smith how to run better and could protect him from playing to early. Not to mention this would hear up the rivalry between Atlanta and Tampa Bay. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Low (if they were not in the same division it would defiantly be higher)

NFC North:

Chicago Bears: Vick would be either the number two wide receiver or the slot, but regardless would get tons of reps at wide receiver. The Bears are weak at wide receiver and although it would seem redundant to have both Hester and Vick at wide receiver the miss matches are just to much for any defense.  Odds of Vick joining this team: Moderate

Detroit Lions: Vick would start from the first day in order to draw in a crowd for the Lions, but would be temporary until Stafford is ready. This would not be a bad idea for the Lions. They could use Vick purely as a publicity stunt. The problem is if the Vick experiment back fires then the Lions could be in an even deeper hole.  Odds of Vick Joining this team: Above Average

Green Bay Packers: Vick would be a running back for the Packers. His explosive speed and deceptiveness would probably get him the two spot behind Grant and he would more then likely be the third down back. Although Brandon Jackson currently holds the spot with a history of injuries there could be room for Vick. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Slim

Minnesota Vikings: Vick would be the starting quarterback. He would be what they wanted from Travaris Jackson. Vick has the arm that would allow him to throw to Harvin and Berrian. The fans would more then likely be against this idea, because they would be getting a faster stronger Jackson, but there was a reason Vick was a number one overall pick. Odds of Vick Joining this team: High

NFC West:

Arizona Cardinals: Vick would replace Breaston as the special teams ace. Vick would also compete for the fourth wide receiver. There is truly no need for Vick on this roster unless they have fully given up hope on Matt and if that is true then Vick could very fit.  Odds of Vick Joining this team: Next to none

San Francisco 49ers: Vick would start at the quarterback position and help lead the 49ers to the playoffs. This is not a joke. The 49ers have everything in place to become a playoff team and Vick could very well put them over the top. Odds of Vick Joining this team:Low (only because of reports this offseason)

Seattle Seahawks: Would all come down to how Mora feels about Vick. The money though would be on the running back position and special teams. Jim Mora who formally coached Vick in Atlanta could find a way to make the offense purely about Vick just as he did in Atlanta. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Moderate

St. Louis Rams: Vick would threaten Marc Bulger for the starting job, but would more then likely compete for a wide receiver spot. The Rams are very weak at wide receiver and Vick could more then likely beat them out on pure athleticism alone. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Average

NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys: Vick would be both the slot wide receiver and Jerry Jones' personal spoke person. With Terrell Owens gone Tony Romo could now lead the team, but if Vick were to come in. Well it could be a short lived job. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Below Average

New York Giants: Vick would be the number one wide receiver on the roster and would replace Burress. Although Burress was a monster in terms of height Vick's ridiculous speed could replace that.  Odds of Vick Joining this team: Below Average

Philadelphia Eagles: Vick would have to compete for a wide receiver spot just to make the roster or maybe a corner. Vick doesn't really bring anything to this team that they could use. He is a six foot speed freak and well they have Maclin and Jackson, so that need has already been met. Odds of Vick Joining this team: None

Washington Redskins: Vick would compete and more then likely win the starting job at quarterback over Jason Campbell. Of course the second the Skins acquire Vick Campbell would demand a trade. Odds of Vick Joining this team: High (amplified by D Hall pulling for him to join the team)

AFC South: 

Houston Texans: Vick would be the wild card on offense he would play every position. He would mainly be used for trick plays, but could replace Schaub during the 3-5 games he misses every year. Odds of Vick Joining this team:Moderate (Interesting side not if Vick did land on the Texans he would back up his old back up in Atlanta)

Indianapolis Colts: Vick would be the back up to Peyton Manning while still seeing the ball in special plays such as end arounds or wide receiver screens. This could be one of the best moves for Vick career wise. He could learn under Manning and maybe learn to throw consistently. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Not Likely

Jacksonville Jaguars: Vick would compete with David Garrard for the quarterback spot, but would help in the passing game as a receiver. I do not know how creative the Jags would be with Vick, but you could bet that Mo Jo and Vick would be in the Wild Cat. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Moderate

Tennessee Titans: Vick would help the weak wide receiving unit and with the kick and punt returns. Although Vick could compete for the starting job it would be very unlikely they would give it to him especially considering Vince Young is waiting in the wings. Odds of Vick Joining this team:None (Do not want Vick influencing Young)

AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens: Would be a wild card on offense used as needed, but would not threaten Joe Flacco for the starting quarterback job. The edition of Vick would not change the Ravens all that much, but could relive some stress on Flacco. Odds of Vick Joining this team: None

Cincinnati Bengals: Would start coordinating dances with Ochocinqo. There is zero chance that Vick could unseat Palmer as the starting quarterback, but with a history of injuries Vick might be called on. Odds of Vick Joining this team: None, but because the Bengals love their criminals who knows.

Cleveland Browns: Vick would play a little wide receiver and running back and some quarterback on trick plays. Although he could compete for the quarterback job there is just to much money invested in both Derick Anderson and Brady Quinn. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Below Average

Pittsburgh Steelers: Michael Vick is a living breathing trick play quarterback which is right up the Steelers' alley. Vick would be the replacement to Randle El that the Steelers want. Odds of Vick Joining this team:None (the Steelers use character to judge players and Vick gets an F)

AFC West: 

Denver Broncos: Vick would compete with Kyle Orton for the starting job and would more then likely win it. Although he does not fit into the offense his added dimensions could help relieve the running game. Odds of Vick Joining this team:Moderate

Kansas City Chiefs: Vick would play as a wide receiver and special teamer. He would help the Chiefs spread the field and give them decent field position. Problem though is that the Chiefs already have their wild card offensive weapon in Tyler Thigpen.  Odds of Vick Joining this team: Close to None

Oakland Raiders: Vick would win the starting job over JMarc eventually and never look back he will be their quarterback. Al Davis would love to have Vick he is a more athletic version of JMarc. Vick could also bring back the long lost "swagger" of Raider Nation.  Odds of Vick Joining this team:High

San Diego Chargers: Michael Vick would help out on the defense. He would be a corner and safety. Although we do not know how he would play his speed would help the 31st ranked pass defense. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Close to None

AFC East: 

Buffalo Bills: Michael Vick would take on Trent Edwards and more then likely win the starting job with Vick and T.O. on the same field who knows what could happen. (see that Nike commercial) Odds of Vick Joining this team: Below Average

Miami Dolphins: Vick and Pat White would run the Wild Cat offense together. With both of them having the same abilities teams would have no idea what to do when they are both on the field. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Moderate

New England Patriots: Vick would provide a solid back up to Tom Brady, which is something the Patriots did not address. Vick could also allow the Pats to run the Wild Cat themselves. The Pats have spent a lot of money on veterans this summer so do not be surprised if Vick was included. Odds of Vick Joining this team: High

New York Jets: Michael Vick would protect Sanchez from playing early while still allowing the Jets to compete. Vick could then move to wide out when Sanchez has developed enough. Odds of Vick Joining this team: Close to None

So there you have it plausible scenarios to every team in the NFL. Now I have to add in that I believe the New England Patriots are the most likely to get Vick. They have such a secure roster they can take the risk and with Bill running the team Vick's skills would be put to proper use. 

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