WWE Battleground: Damien Sandow Should Not Cash in the Briefcase

Bill Ivie JrContributor IIIOctober 5, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

Damien Sandow surprised everyone when he won the Money in the Bank briefcase by stealing the victory from his best friend Cody Rhodes.  The destruction of the friendship quickly followed.  The losses then began piling up on Sandow.

Rumor has surfaced recently that Sandow may in fact cash in his shot at the World Championship at Battleground this weekend.  The rumor is fueled by Rob Van Dam's pending departure due to a short-term contract and Alberto Del Rio's title run becoming a bit stale.  Similar to Orton's own title win, the swerve would come after RVD defeats Del Rio just to have Sandow seize the moment.

Chris Cash of Wrestlezone breaks down the possibility of Sandow cashing in and weighs the reasons behind the rumors.

Sandow cashing in just doesn't make sense.

Damien Sandow has seen his popularity and dominance diminish since he grabbed the dangling briefcase some months ago.  The briefcase used to ensure a pusha show of dominance in the ring to prove why you would become the next champion.  

Sandow has simply become a whipping boy for most anyone that needs a match.  He goes into Battleground with a thrown together match against Dolph Ziggler for free on YouTube.  He has no direction, no feud and no reason to be a champion.

The bigger issue for WWE would be a lack of legitimate contender for the title once you put it on a heel the caliber of Sandow.  The lack of momentum for Sandow would make it increasingly hard to make him a champion that anyone could get behind.  Del Rio has grown stale and boring at times, but he finds a way to show dominance in the ring.  

Sandow is in need of a push that shows that he can win.  Sandow needs to latch on to a gimmick in the ring.  He needs to establish himself as a cheat, a strategic opportunist or a diabolical brute.  Quite frankly, he needs to show not only that he can win but a method to how he can continue to win.

Without a background that helps establish that he can be a dominant champion in some form, he will struggle to gain the necessary heat to be a heel champion.

Look no further than his opponent this weekend to see what happens to a wrestler that follows the path he is currently on.

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