Paul Rhoads Rips Refs After Iowa State Narrowly Loses to Texas

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IOctober 4, 2013

Paul Rhoads felt that his Iowa State Cyclones were robbed of a victory against Texas on Thursday night, and he wasn't afraid to let everyone know about it. 

In the postgame press conference, the 46-year-old coach absolutely went off on the Big 12 officials. We'd preface it a little more, but this is something you just need to watch.

The Cyclones led 30-24 with under a minute to play, but senior Case McCoy and Texas had driven down to the 1-yard line. 

However, sophomore running back Johnathan Gray coughed up the ball and Iowa State recovered, seemingly notching the first Big 12 win of the season for Rhoads and the Cyclones. 

Not so fast.

Gray was ruled down by contact, and the call stood after video review. Here's a look at the controversial play:

It was difficult to tell with 100 percent certainty what the right call was, but Rhoads was emphatic that his boys had made the game-winning play: "I've got pretty good eye sight," he said. "The view I had of that gigantic screen in the north end zone showed a player that was not down and our guy with the football."

Rhoads was visibly upset not only because he felt the wrong call was made, but because he felt it cheated his players out of a game in which they had given maximum effort and done everything they needed to do to win.

He wasn't taking anything away from Texas. Rhoads praised Mack Brown and the Longhorns multiple times. He was simply distraught with the officials.

Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports brings us the Big 12's statement on the controversial fumble:


Officials then reviewed the play and found nothing to overrule it, and on Friday the Big 12's supervisor of football officials, Walt Anderson, released a statement explaining why.

"The ruling made on the goal line play was that the runner was down by rule with the ball," said Anderson in the statement. "Because of that ruling, instant replay is allowed to review the play, which it did. Had the ruling on the field been forward progress, the play would not be reviewable because the goal line was not involved. The Replay Official looked at all five views available for this play: Line Feed, Goal Line cart, Press Box angle, Sky Cam, and Opposite End Zone camera. He correctly determined there was no indisputable video evidence to confirm that either the ruling on the field was correct, or that the ball was loose prior to the runner being down. By rule when there is not indisputable video evidence to confirm or change the call on the field, the ruling stands.

"On this play, the covering official ruled the runner was down and still had control of the ball. There is no question the runner ends up on the ground, and there is no question that eventually an Iowa State player ends up with the ball. However, after reviewing the video evidence it is impossible to tell with certainty when the runner loses control of the ball and at that point was he down or not.

"The conference would acknowledge in this unique situation if a mistake were made, but we do not have the video evidence to prove that one occurred."

While the circumstances are unfortunate, it's nice to see that kind of fire and emotion out of a head coach, as it's clear he cares deeply about his players. 

Iowa State will attempt to right the ship in Lubbock against No. 20 Texas Tech next week.