Indoor Soccer Team Choreographs Successful and Highly Hilarious Free Kick

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 3, 2013

That Three Stooges indoor soccer team seems to be coming together nicely. 

SportsGrid spotted this video from an Argentine Futsal league, and a full report of the maneuver can be seen over on Pasion Futsal's official website

Not having a firm grasp on the particulars of Futsal, I yield to the general U.S. Futsal rules, which say, for the most part, the sport is similar to world football. The difference is there are only five players per side playing in the mostly indoor league. 

Those far more knowledgeable than I, please drop some serious Futsal knowledge on us in the comments section below. 

As for this free kick, the team wearing a very apt hot color lines up the ball, only to run into one another in what is a seemingly choreographed failure. That's when their teammate comes from behind and wallops home a goal. 

In all honesty, it looks like the move was a tad superfluous, because the wall hardly moved. Still, we like to think they were rendered defenseless when they wondered what they heck these guys were doing running into one another. 

Well, it seems shenanigans are just taking over the world, because this happened recently in the RW Essen vs. Fortuna Düsseldorf II game, via 

And so we head back to our normal NFL, mundane NBA and meager MLB, where nobody ever bumps into one another—at least, not on purpose. 

We need more epic fails, even if they are of the fake variety. Who cares if the defense is unfazed? It's still funny to watch guys tumble to the ground right before a masterful shot. 

Now, if any football coach wants to add this one to his extensive list of plays, we fully endorse such a thing. 


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