Golden State Warriors: Baron Davis Benched in Must-Have Game

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Golden State Warriors: Baron Davis Benched in Must-Have Game
Imagine a situation where you're part of a sales team trying to convince a Fortune 500 client to agree to a long-term deal to purchase your company's products. 

The morning of your presentation to the client's decision-makers, your top presenter admits she’s not on her "A-Game". 

Considering her overall body of work, does the rest of your team limit their role in the presentation?

Golden State Warriors Coach Don Nelson was faced with a similar scenario Monday night against the Phoenix Suns. 

Baron Davis was 2- 13 at the half, and his team was trailing by 14. 

Nelson decided to sit Davis for the rest of the game, later explaining to reporters, "He was the worst player on the floor, and I told him to take the second half off. He was 2-for-13, we were down 14 points.  I said, 'Hey, let's relax and play some young guys.'"

Lo and behold, the Warriors did come back only to lose the game—and their playoff chances—in the fourth quarter.

But would putting in Davis, who was the leader of their surprising '07 playoff run, have resulted in different circumstances?

I say yes.

Yes, Davis was having an off-night from a shooting standpoint.  But He's also a veteran point guard who understands how to make his team better without scoring. 

As the triggerman, he had several offensive options to choose from (Azubuike, Jackson, Ellis, Croshere...even I can't believe I said the last option).  If Nellie had instructed him to serve as a distributor more than a scorer, it could have resulted in better offensive flow.

Also, Davis has a scorer's mentality. 

I seriously doubt he was going to go 2-26 for the game.  A couple lay ups here, a jump shot there, and people forget he's the second incarnation of John Starks or Rob Williams in a gotta-have-it game.

I still respect "Nellie" as a coach. 

He won a playoff series with Tom Tolbert at the pivot and Ralph Sampson as the backup. 

But he has had questionable relationships with his stars (Spreewell and Webber come to mind).  If this was a personal thing with Davis, he could have picked a better route to address his frustrations.

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