Potential Spoiler Concerning the Rhodes Family at WWE Battleground

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistOctober 3, 2013


There is no question that the latest installment of potential one-off WWE pay-per-views, Battleground, has been poorly built out of haste. Night of Champions presented a 2013 low when it comes to the satisfaction of PPVs this year, and this one does not seem too far behind.

Despite this, there have been two feuds that have been decently formulated, bringing a small speck of anticipation for the event. These feuds are CM Punk vs. Ryback and the Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield.

The latter of the two is the most intense, as well as the one with the most at stake.

Last month, Cody Rhodes was in a discussion with Triple H and Randy Orton backstage. Triple H, unhappy that Cody did not invite him to his wedding, presented him an ultimatum: If Cody did not defeat Orton, his career in the WWE would be in jeopardy. Cody was unsuccessful in defeating Orton, and Triple H appeared on the stage post-match with words that sent Rhodes packing.

Cody's brother and father, Goldust and Dusty Rhodes, respectively, also became involved in the storyline. The following week, Goldust was unsuccessful in defeating Orton to get his brother's job back. The week after, Dusty was unable to get either of his sons' jobs back due to his indecision.

The stage is set for the Sunday. Per Stephanie McMahon, the Rhodes brothers have one last chance. If Cody and Goldust defeat The Shield, all of them are back on payroll. If not, all of them will be looking for employment elsewhere.

Although it would seem as if the Rhodeses were destined to win this match, you never know when it comes to the creative direction of the WWE these days. However, there is an update that favors those who are fans of the Rhodes family. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via WrestlingINC, Goldust has indeed signed a short-term contract for the company. 

So, with this recent contract signing, it looks as if he and Cody will be back on the roster. Overall, this feud was a good and refreshing build to the mostly lackluster few weeks of WWE programming.

After this feud, hopefully we can see a possible feud reignite with Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow for the World Heavyweight Championship, while Goldust could possibly feud with Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship. A short tag team title run for the Rhodes brothers wouldn't hurt, either.

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