All-Time College Football Team: Cornerback

Tim CroleySenior Analyst IApril 16, 2008

Continuing from the back to the front, the position of cornerback will be the next on the list of “All-Time College Football Team.”
These are the playmakers for the defense, the ones who break on passes and take them the other way for six. These are the guys who are flexible and quick on their feet.
Unfortunately, these are also the guys who occasionally get burned by receivers and need help from safeties. That’s why those who are truly great cornerbacks stand out above the rest.
You remember the great names, and their great plays. You forget the ones who got torched by the likes of Danny Wuerffel or Doug Flutie.

So, in pursuit of the All-Time College Football Team, who are the two best college  cornerbacks of all-time in your opinion?