Goldust Will Betray His Family, Turn Heel at Battleground

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIOctober 4, 2013

Goldust and Cody Rhodes get a shot at Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield on Sunday at WWE's Battleground pay-per-view. This is the next stage in the Rhodes-McMahon family conflict that has been one of the highlights of the early stages of the "Best for Business" storyline. 

After seeing his younger brother fired, Goldust took to Twitter to condemn the McMahons. Years since he was last a full-time member of the WWE roster, Goldust was invited back for a match against Randy Orton with the stipulation that if he won, his brother may get his job back. 

Goldie lost after a valiant fight that included a near-fall from his brother's own finisher, the Cross Rhodes. The boys' legendary father Dusty was insulted the following week by Stephanie, leading to Cody and Goldust attacking The Shield and being escorted out of the arena by security. 

Now, this Sunday, both men are without a contract and their father's job on the line against the unstoppable tag team champions. If they win, they each earn a WWE contract. There is only one completely logical conclusion to this match: Goldust turns heel. 

Goldust has long wanted a feud with his brother and now is the most opportune moment for that familial battle to take place. Goldust has wanted it at WrestleMania, but this is a solid enough compromise. 

At Battleground, with the Rhodes brothers gaining steam and Cody tearing through The Shield, Goldust lays him out. He hits the Shattered Dreams. He walks out on his brother while his father looks on in horror. He shakes he head and cracks a slight smile. 

Goldust, formerly 'The Natural' Dustin Rhodes in WCW, explains himself on Raw. He says that his entire life he's been living in someone's shadow.

First, he was expected to step into his father's footsteps and be the same smiling, happy, blond Texan the fans loved. But his father was never there for him growing up, so it felt empty. 

Then, Goldust emerged and began to thrive, but he still longed for the approval of his father. Meanwhile, instead of supporting Goldust's career renaissance, Dusty was off playing with young Cody and teaching him how to run ropes.

Now, he's been asked to save the careers of the two men who never had any interest in him until now?

Just a few weeks ago, Dusty could've made it all better. When Stephanie offered him the chance to give one of his sons a WWE contract, he should've made up for all those lost years and given it to Goldust.

At this point, Stephanie walks to the ring and announces that Goldust clearly sees what's best for business and now that he's proven himself, he is a contracted member of the WWE roster. Meanwhile, Cody and Dusty are unemployed. 

This feud between Cody and Goldust would be red hot for several months. Both men would go to the wall to impress officials for one another.

Cody knows this is his chance to gain the crowd support needed to be a main event star. Goldust knows that this is probably his last big chance to stick around with the company and collect a big, steady paycheck for a few years.

At the moment, Daniel Bryan is the lead babyface. He's the man out front battling the Corporation for the WWE title. Dean Ambrose is currently the secondary singles star within Triple H's purview, but he wouldn't draw the same reaction right now from the crowd that Goldust would in a battle with Cody. 

This feud that could settle in a career vs. career match at TLC, perhaps a ladder match for a contract or some other stipulation, would carry Cody through a focal point storyline until the end of the calendar year before it's WrestleMania season.